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Surface Mount Technology production equipment

FSInspection offers visual inspection
stations for contract machining applications

FSInspection are offering a complete line of high-magnification visual inspection stations for mechanical component manufacturing and contract machining applications. Designed for today's industrial markets, the series includes the HDMag® High-Magnification Visual Inspection Station, X-Mag Machine Vision Station, and PKMag® 50 Portable Visual Inspection Device.

The HDMag®, winner of the 2015 NPI Award for Repair and Rework Tools, is designed to provide greater assistance in the quality inspection and repair and rework process by improving inspection accuracy and efficiency. The HDMag and the HDMag Software provide convenient collaboration among peers and supervisors, as well as real-time sharing with suppliers and/or customers. The ergonomic design also promotes good posture and reduces operator eye, neck, and back strain to increase throughput.

HDMag® Software is an easy-to-use measurement and image processing platform that enables an HDMag operator to provide detailed inspection documentation and reporting. Operators can capture, annotate, store, and share images including dimensional measurement of objects for quality control and audit tracking.

The X-Mag Machine Vision Station's advanced technology and sleek design integrates a high-definition camera and monitor with 16.4 inches (41.6 cm) of workspace under the camera to offer sharp images at all magnification levels. The auto-focus, tilting camera, with manual-focus override and 330° rotating camera arm, provides exceptional inspection of objects of varied sizes. The X-Mag visual inspection station has adjustable, flexible LED lighting to minimize glare and shadows.

The PKMag 50 Portable Inspection Device offers high-definition magnification in an efficient 10.5-ounce, portable package for convenience when inspecting objects that cannot be moved or are in tight spaces. The PKMag's built-in LED lighting highlights an object for inspection or can be turned off to reduce glare. A built-in stand provides hands-free use, while the two-position flip-out handle makes it easy to inspect larger items and vertical surfaces. Prominent push-button controls are intuitive and easy to use.

FSInspection's ergonomically designed, high-quality visual work stations are easy-to-use and more cost-effective than traditional microscopes. The result is an increase in productivity leading to a cost reduction in the overall quality inspection process. To find out more, visit

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