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New residential, commercial and utility-scale PV products 

Bentek, a manufacturer of a broad range of OEM power distribution products for the residential, commercial and utility-scale solar PV marketplaces, exhibited at SPI in September 2015, held at the Anaheim Convention Center in Anaheim, California. Bentek introduced several new Electrical Balance of System (EBOS) solutions for the residential, commercial and utility-scale PV market.

Bentek's new products on display included the cost-effective AC PowerPanel, AC PowerBUSS, Utility-Scale (UTS) AFCI combiner, Utility-Scale (UTS) 1500VDC combiner and Cable Harness Solutions. 

Bentek Utility-Scale (UTS) AFCI and 1500VDC Combiner Solutions are designed to meet new Utility-Scale Arc Fault and 1500VDC requirements, providing high reliability and safety for utiity-scale PV projects.

Image 1: UTS AFCI Combiner . Image 2: UTS 1500VDC Combiner.

Bentek Cable Harness Solutions for both the Commercial and Utility-Scale PV marketplace save installers both installation time and money with factory pre-cut lenghts and pre-installed connectors.   

Image 3: Cable Harness Solution on Reel. Image 4: 2 Circuit Parallel Cable Harness Solution with with branch connectors and in-line fuses.

Bentek also exhibited several NEC 2014 compliant Rapid Shutdown solutions. Residential Rapid Shutdown System (RSS), Commercial PowerRack and PowerShield, and PowerSkid with integrated three-phase string inverter and integrated Bentek AC Disconnect.  The Bentek rapid shutdown solutions provide the PV marketplace with a cost-effective universal design for ABB,  Chint, Fronius, Schneider, SMA, Solar Edge, Sungrow and Solectria string inverters.

The Bentek Residential Rapid Shutdown System (RSS) is a complete stand-alone solution that is highly cost-effective and easy-to-install. It includes two components - the Rapid Shutdown Controller (RSC) installed at the service entrance and a Rapid Shutdown Module (RSM) installed at the array.

Image 5: Ground mounted Bentek Rapid Shutdown Controller (RSC), (Patent Pending design). Image 6: Roof mounted Bentek Rapid Shutdown Module (RSM), (Patent Pending design).

The Bentek Commercial PowerRack, PowerShield and PowerSkid provide installers with an easy, cost-effective way to install three phase string inverters directly on flat commercial rooftops at the edge of the PV array, meeting the requirements of NEC 690.12.  Images 7 and 8 below.

Bentek in profile
Founded in 1985, Bentek is a leader in engineered electromechanical and power distribution solutions for industrial applications.  Bentek designs and manufactures products such as wiring harnesses, electrical combiner boxes, and custom OEM assemblies for the solar energy and semiconductor markets.  Bentek is an ISO certified company.

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