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Analytik reports on BHR Group using the
Microfluidics M-110P for the DOMINO project

Analytik, leading suppliers of innovative analytical instrumentation, report on BHR Group using the Microfluidics M-110P for the DOMINO project to study the break-up of silica particle clusters.

BHR Group is an independent research, consultancy and testing company based on the prestigious Cranfield University campus for over 60 years. They specialise in the core skills of fluid dynamics, process scale-up, mixing and dispersion processes; physical and computational modelling, materials interaction, computer aided engineering (CAE), engineering mechanics, chemical behaviour and numerical modelling in the areas of chemical, civil and mechanical engineering.

BHR Group provides a dedicated 4000m2 research and test facility designed specifically to conduct a wide range of experimental studies relating to chemical, mechanical and civil engineering applications in addition to performing numerical modelling studies.

Image: The Microfluidics M-110P Microfluidizer® High Shear Fluid Processor.

DOMINO is an industrial project run by BHR Group aiming to develop process design procedures based on the findings of the research programme. DOMINO's research areas include incorporation of nanoparticles and nanoclays, break up of nanoparticle clusters, delamination of nanoclays, nanoemulsions, dispersion rheology, stabilisation, numerical modelling and selection of process equipment and design.

Speaking about Microfluidics technology being used within the DOMINO project, BHR senior consultant, Dr Gül Özcan-Taşkın, says "We use a broad range of process devices, including in-line and batch rotor-stators, ultrasonic dispersers, stirred bead mills and mechanically agitated tanks. The Microfluidics technology complements our facility really well, allowing us to cover a wider spectrum of process equipment. We have used the Microfluidics M-110P within the DOMINO project to study deagglomeration of nanoparticle clusters in liquids and nanoemulsification processes. This device has also been used for other test materials during confidential projects."

Microfluidics, part of IDEX Corporation, are manufacturers of unique high pressure homogeniser fluid processors that are the gold standard in nano-enabled applications for uniform particle size reduction, cell disruption and nanoemulsion formation. The innovative technology solutions offered by Microfluidics are used globally in R&D and production in a wide range of industries and applications. The combined performance and scalability of Microfluidics equipment is well known and proven in the world of nanotechnologies.

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Analytik in profile
Analytik are leading suppliers of innovative analytical instrumentation to the UK and Ireland. Delivering cutting-edge solutions from global technology providers, coupled with responsive service and flexibility has enabled Analytik to build an impressive customer base since forming in 2003. Analytik's partners include Agilent Technologies, ASD Inc.(a PANalytical company), SciAps, Microfluidics, Sentronic, GL Optic, Avian Technologies, GeSiM, CPS Instruments, Videometer, Headwall Photonics, Quantum Northwest and Schmidt + Haensch. Solutions include portable and handheld spectrometers (FTIR, NIR & Raman), spectral imaging systems, light measurement systems, reflectance standards and coatings, non-contact nanolitre dispensing systems, nanoparticle size analysers, high shear fluid processors, sample temperature control systems, polarimeters and refractometers.

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