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pH Guide from METTLER TOLEDO explains
Measurement, Theory and Practice of pH Applications

pH measurement and control is vital in a wide range of processes across the pharmaceutical, chemical, and food and beverage industries. But what exactly is pH, why is it so important, and how do pH sensors work? METTLER TOLEDO has produced a guide to pH measurement to assist those in process industries with these questions and more.

METTLER TOLEDO provides a representative description of pH measurement in the process industries. The actual sensor, the pH electrode, is therefore the main focus of the theory guide. Correct sensor use is fundamental for a meaningful pH measurement. Accordingly, both practical and theoretical requirements are discussed in depth so that the measuring principle is understood and an accurate measurement made possible.

Contents covered in the guide include: Introduction to pH and comprehensive pH theory; Practical considerations; Intelligent Sensor Management; Electrode selection and handling.

The guide is available to download from

METTLER TOLEDO Process Analytics Division
METTLER TOLEDO's Process Analytics division develops and manufactures instrumentation and sensors used for liquid process measurement, and measurement in pure and ultrapure water applications. Their product portfolio covers measurement of pH, dissolved and gaseous oxygen, dissolved ozone, oxygen reduction potential (ORP), resistivity/conductivity and total organic carbon (TOC). METTLER TOLEDO Process Analytics consists of two business units, Ingold and Thornton, whose products are commonly used in industries such as: Pharmaceutical and biotechnology; Chemical process and refining industries; Brewing, food and beverage production; Power and steam generation plants; Microelectronics manufacturing.

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