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Morgan Advanced Materials delivers standard
flow tube solution for water flow measurement

Morgan Advanced Materials, one of the leading experts in the design and manufacture of standard and bespoke sensors using ultrasonic technology, has developed a ready-made standard flow tube solution which enables significant time savings for water flow meter manufacturers during the design and development phase of production.

Ordinarily, manufacturers would have to source multiple parts in order to produce a component of this nature, which can result in delays and additional cost. Morgan's standard flow tube solution, which comes ready to use, elimates discrepancies in the measurement of flow rates by granting manufacturers access to the pioneering technology developed by Morgan. By ensuring uniformity in the instrumentation used to measure flow rates, this enables manufacturers of flow meters to more accurately track improvements in prototypes, expediting the design process.

Building upon Morgan's world-leading expertise in the field of transducer technology, the solution boasts a particularly high ultrasonic signal level, providing more accurate meter readings across a range of flow rates. An added benefit is that flow tube can be optimised to work with different transducers that operate at different frequencies. As a result, it can be used in meters for domestic, municipal and industrial markets. Commensurate with Morgan's recent advancements in ultrasonic technology, measurement accuracy will remain constant over time, ensuring increased accuracy, longevity and value for money. The same also applies to the ceramic wedges which are used in the solution, exhibiting significantly enhanced acoustic performance and lower degradation than alternative materials, for instance, stainless steel.

Charles Dowling of Morgan Advanced Materials explained: "Our continued efforts have resulted in greater measurement accuracy than ever before, without the drop in performance associated with moving part technology. Such advancements offer significant benefits to our customers in the area of flow meter manufacturing, where a greater ability to reliably quantify improvements in their prototypes substancially shortens development lead times. Our standard flow tube solution is highly versatile, covering a wider range of flow volumes, ensuring that all bases are well and truly covered and that readings remain accurate irrespective of the scale of the end user."

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Morgan Advanced Materials in profile
Morgan Advanced Materials is a global materials engineering company which designs and manufactures a wide range of high specification products with extraordinary properties, across multiple sectors and geographies.

From an extensive range of advanced materials we produce components, assemblies and systems that deliver significantly enhanced performance for our customers' products and processes. Our engineered solutions are produced to very high tolerances and many are designed for use in extreme environments.

The Company thrives on breakthrough innovation. Our materials scientists and applications engineers work in close collaboration with customers to create outstanding, highly differentiated products that perform more efficiently, more reliably and for longer.

Morgan Advanced Materials has a global presence with over 10,000 employees across 50 countries serving specialist markets in the energy, transport, healthcare, electronics, petrochemical and industrial sectors. It is listed on the London Stock Exchange in the engineering sector.

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