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New finder grids for TEM

EM Resolutions, manufacturers and suppliers of tools and accessories for users of electron microscopes, announce new designs of finder grids from Gilder Grids.

EM Resolutions is pleased to announce that they are now supplying two new designs of finder grid which will help to improve the re-location of features of interest. Manufactured by Gilder Grids with unique crenelated grid bars to assist navigation, each grid is divided into blocks, either with a number or letter for ease of identification.
The TG300F1 is based on a 300 mesh grid and uses blocks of 25 (5x5) grid cells bounded by crenelated bars. Each block of grid cells has a central letter from A to Y as an identifier.

The TG400F1 is based on a finer 400 mesh grid using blocks of 36 (6x6) grid cells bounded by thicker crenelated grid bars. Each block of 36 cells has a central number from 1 to 32 for identification purposes.

The new grids are available from EM Resolutions in copper, nickel and gold and can also be coated with a holey or lacey carbon support film.

EM Resolutions in profile
EM Resolutions was founded in 2012 to supply high quality TEM support films to laboratory consumables companies in the UK. They have grown to become a Limited company manufacturing and distributing support films, calibration standards and other EM consumables directly to end users as well as worldwide through a growing network of distributors. We combine many years' experience in the microscopy industry with listening to customer needs and supplying the best quality products with a prompt and professional service.

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