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New PROFIBUS DPV1 Master and
Slave modules for CompactLogixTM

In-Chassis PROFIBUS® Interface at the price of a Gateway.

If you need the convenience and functionality of an in-chassis PROFIBUS® interface at the cost of a gateway, then ProSoft Technology´s new PROFIBUS DPV1 Master and Slave modules for CompactLogixTM give you just that.

The Master module integrates with RSLogixTM 5000 using a sample Add-On Instruction, which reduces its configuration time.

The Master module´s Autoscan feature helps reduce configuration and startup times by scanning the PROFIBUS network and uploading the slave devices´ addresses and configuration information so the user doesn´t have to manually input the information. The Master module also enables asset-management software to remotely configure, commission, maintain and diagnose your fieldbus devices over their entire lifecycle.

The Master module´s SD card allows the user to store configuration files, which can be used for disaster recovery.

ProSoft Technology® in profile
ProSoft Technology® designs industrial communication solutions that connect automation products seamlessly. ProSoft Technology is a highly diversified, customer intimate, global organization with a focus on quality and ease-of-use. Their products include in-chassis communication modules for PLC/PAC controllers, standalone protocol gateways, and a wide range of robust, field-proven wireless solutions. These are found in applications spanning the industrial marketplace.

With 500 distributors and regional offices in Asia Pacific, Europe, Middle East, Latin America and North America, ProSoft Technology provides an unparalleled support to customers worldwide.

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