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Exact bunker profile measurement with LaseBVB
in coke bunkers at Salzgitter Flachstahl GmbH

Successful commissoning of volume measurement system in coke bunkers next to new ship unloader.

A new ship unloader has been installed in a coke bunker plant on the site of Salzgitter Flachstahl GmbH in Salzgitter, Germany. The bunker is being loaded either from ship stowages on the canal site and from train wagons on the land side. It is divided into several bunker bins, whose volume can be determined by 3D laser technology now.

Highly accurate bunker volume measurement
In order to determine the exact bunker volume contact-less measuring systems by LASE have been applied, which are highly suitable because of their high accuracy, high reproducibility and the robust design. Two 2D laser scanners out of the LASE 2000D-11x Series are mounted on the main girder of the ship unloader, such that their scan planes is projected vertically downwards and parallel to the main girder. Both laser scanners deliver 2D profiles where the cross section of the bunker below them is shown.

Unwanted areas can be surpressed easily
The laser measurement system starts measuring automatically at crane travel and being actuated by a SPS. During crane travel the created 2D profiles are collected and converted into a 3D volume model by the discharging position. Thus the volume of totally eight bunkers is updated permanently and the calculated result is displayed on screen. For the determination of the exact volume even the separating walls or other objects can be excluded from the calculation through suppression areas.

User-friendly software interace
The system can be operated intuitively due to user-oriented dialogue control and configuration wizards for simple commissioning. The application has a high versatility and can be used for volume and profile measurements in several bunker plant types. This specific software derives from the product line CEWS Bulk Volume Module and distinguishes oneself in the use within rough industrial environments.

Laser technology for your automation solutions
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