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Surface Mount Technology production equipment

Fancourt Industries' wide selection of equipment and services

Fancort Industries, Inc., now in its 44th year, offer its wide selection of equipment and services designed to meet all requirements from prototype to moderate production, specializing in processing high-reliability aerospace grade devices to exacting SMT tolerances. Fancort's 2016 line of SMT products, include the new FD Series Desktop Robotic Dispensing, inline and floor mounted depanelers and laser marking from Getech, the JAPAN UNIX SOLDER MEISTER® Desktop Soldering Robot DF Series and its new Magnetic Universal Fixture.

FD Series Desktop Robotic Dispensing (Models: FD300V, FD400V, & FD500V). Standard accessories include a pneumatic controller, teach pendant, syringe and mounting bracket. The FD Series offers working areas ranging from 200X200m for the FD200V, 300X320mm for the FD300V, and 400X400mm for the FD400V.

Features include:
Continuous Path Control. § Fill-In Function: Create a shape and automatically fill area with fluid. § Add on I/Os: Up to 16 inputs/14outputs. § Up to 500mm/s X/Y speed. § 0.01mm repeatability. § Stores up to 255 programs with 30,000 points per program.
The Getech GBR Bottom Router is an inline machine specially designed to route (depanelize) printed circuit board assemblies (PCBAs) without the need for PCB fixtures. The PCB is received in the incoming conveyor and moves to the work station where the PCB is gripped, routed from the bottom and accurately placed in the outgoing conveyor or into a tray, while the frame is dropped into the waste conveyor.

Additional features include:
Large range of panel sizes up to 500 mm x 400 mm. § Powerful servo motors powered axis. § Auto conveyor width adjustment. § Auto Gripper finger change (option). § Automatic program changeover (option). § Good / Bad board segregation (option). § Flat Belt or Bridge Axis outgoing conveyor.

The Getech GLMS Inline Laser Marking machine is specifically designed to laser mark PCBs with high positional accuracy and repeatability. With an integrated internal FLIP station, the GLMS can mark both sides of a PCB without it having to leave the machine. It is capable of handling large format heavy PCBs, ultra-thin and flexible PCBAs. The system is designed for marking formats ranging from 1D barcodes, 2D Matrix, QR codes and human readable characters as well as image formats.

The large panel capability (panels up to 450 mm x 400 mm) integrated flip station can accommodate a single large panel or multiple smaller parts panelized on a single PCB. The 30 watt CO2 laser wave length (10.6µm) is ideal for PCB applications.

The JAPAN UNIX SOLDER MEISTER® Desktop Soldering Robot DF Series offers enhanced network functionalities for Industry 4.0. This includes the ability to connect to internal networks in factories and monitor production status. It features simple operation and improvements to the teaching robot with program changes in less than ten minutes. Up to 999 different soldering tips and product types can be programmed, reducing operation time for changing soldering points.

The DF Series features 3D soldering and two extra axes, for a total of up to 6 axes that can be simultaneously manipulated. Complicated products components and circuit boards are solderable without additional functions. Additionally, operating time has been reduced with increased rigidity and processing speed, and the maximum workload has been increased from 11 to 15kg.
For further information about the systems, view website:

New Robotic Soldering & Flux Kits

Fancort Industries, Inc. announces that it now offers new robotic soldering & flux 'kits' that allow integrated soldering and flux dispense on a single robot.

Some may believe that adding a fluxing process to a robotic soldering machine slows it down but, in fact, one can expect to reduce net solder cycle time by 20-30 percent. Fancort has found that customers are very receptive to the idea because of the cycle time reduction and, in some cases, they already are adding flux by hand. This also eliminates the issue of adding flux by hand, which in the past may have turned customers away from robotic soldering.

Fancort is offering this as a kit that can be added to any Japan UNIX robot. Each kit contains everything needed to get started, including a micro dispense valve, controller, cables, mounting bracket, syringe and needle.

To learn more, watch this video at:

Fancort Industries, Inc. in profile
Fancort Industries is a privately held New Jersey Corporation founded in 1972 and located in Northern New Jersey approximately 30 minutes from New York City. A manufacturer and integrator of production solutions for electronics manufacturers, Fancort has a strong competency in precision tool design and construction.

For further information about the systems, view website: 

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