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Shining the light on water treatment

The Water Treatment Innovation Platform of global water, energy and maintenance solutions provider, NCH Europe has launched aquaDART, a package of fluorescent traced water treatment products and monitoring equipment designed to accurately control the chemical dosing of water systems in industrial applications including food manufacturing, continuous production environments, commercial buildings and facilities.

Short for Direct Analysis Response Technology (DART), aquaDART continuously monitors and adjusts the water treatment programme to ensure industrial water-cooling systems stay free of rust, corrosion, mineral scale and microbiological contamination.

The system works in combination with fluorescent dyes to precisely maintain dosing levels within tight control parameters. Each chemical inhibitor used in the dosing regimen contains dyes in trace amounts (ppb level), making it invisible to the naked eye.

An in-line fluorometer uses a beam of light to excite the fluorescent dye molecules, causing them to emit light at different wavelengths. Based on the intensity of the remitted light, the system can adjust the feed rate automatically to control the concentration of inhibitor present in the cooling water.

"Accurate dosing of water cooling systems has traditionally been a bug bear for many plant and facilities managers," explained Dr. Simona Vasilescu, of the Water Treatment Innovation Platform at NCH Europe. "Traditional inhibitors can be hard to control at the right levels, firstly because system dynamics can vary greatly between applications and, secondly, because most inhibitors are not easy to test for. Over feeding the product can result in high operational costs and under feeding can result in aggressive corrosion or instant scale deposition.

"We developed the aquaDART system to automatically measure the concentration and make micro adjustments in real time. To make it even more powerful, the system offers remote monitoring and control software that can alert the operator if the inhibitor level is too high or low. Optimised dosing reduces operating costs, enables better compliance and gives peace of mind."

The aquaDART system uses a controller with a fluorometer probe as standard. However, the system is also compatible with other probes designed to measure pH, conductivity and Oxidation Reduction Potential (Redox).

Facilities and business managers who want to take control of their water treatment programmes can book a site survey by calling NCH Europe on +44(0)1902 510 342 to talk to a customer representative today.

For further information, view website:

Mega Pipe Repair HD

NCH Europe has also launched Mega Pipe Repair HD, a high resin content, WRAS approved pipe repair bandage. Part of NCH Europe's new range of pipe repair solutions, Mega Pipe Repair HD comes in six sizes for a wide range of piping options. The largest size will fit pipes up to and including 300mm, the largest among its competitors.

The flexible, dense weave of the Mega Pipe Repair HD bandage allows it to hug the contours of pipe bends and joints, which means it can even be applied on difficult pipe bends. It has a service temperature of up to 250 degrees Celsius, making it useable in a wide range of industrial, plant, manufacturing and commercial applications, including ones that involve high-heat.

Mega Pipe Repair HD can be used with pipework smaller than 25mm and large pipework up to and including 300mm. Even with the largest size, the product is easy to apply. After taking the pipe offline, the surface must first be degreased and abraded.

The product is then activated by contact with water either by dipping or spraying - depending on bandage size. After that, it can be wrapped around the damaged pipework by hand, while wearing gloves, with a minimum cure time of 45 minutes.

"The fast cure time of Mega Pipe Repair HD means plant downtime caused by pipe repair is kept to a minimum," explained Peter Crossen, VP of the Maintenance and Partsmaster Innovation Platform at NCH Europe. "The wide range of sizes available means this really is a one-stop solution to pipe repair.

"Not only does the WRAS approval ensure the bandage is safe for use in contact with potable water, Mega Pipe Repair HD is also resistant to a wide range of common chemical solutions, meaning it is suitable for use in a wide range of industrial applications."

As well as being suitable for use on its own, Mega Pipe Repair HD can be used in conjunction with other NCH pipe repair products, including Mega Fix-IT PW and Mega Fix-IT HT epoxy sticks, to increase the maximum pressure load of the damaged pipe. For further information, view website:

Global specialist develops innovative
calcium-sulphonate gear program

An innovative gear oil solution that uses calcium-sulphonate technologies has also been launched recently. The company's new three-step gear oil program works to ensure optimum lubrication and cost-effective maintenance, topped up with a gear oil which uses a calcium-sulphonate base to offer better corrosion protection than typical gear oils.

Machinery breakages are one of the biggest issues affecting the mining, industrial manufacturing and marine engineering sectors. This is often due to poor lubrication and an ineffective approach to gear oil maintenance, which reduce both equipment life span and the quality of the oil itself.

NCH Europe's revolutionary three-step gear oil program addresses these issues, simplifying the process to ensure the end user can make the most of their machinery and equipment. The three steps involve using the NCH Oil Service Program (NOSP), removing deposit build-up and then using an effective oil.

"Surprisingly, only 20 percent of oil changes happen at the right time," explained Mark Burnett, VP of the Lubricants and Fuel Additives Innovation Platform at NCH Europe. "This means the majority of businesses are either risking their machinery by changing oil too late or changing too early and accumulating unnecessary costs.

"Our gear oil program not only allows engineers to identify the right time to change their oil, but also outlines a way to extend the life of both the machinery and the replacement oil itself. In following the steps, companies can develop an effective and cost-efficient approach to oil."

NOSP identifies the best time to change oil using precise analysis methods. This prevents machinery breakdowns and downtime, while also helping the end user avoid unnecessary costs caused by changing oil too soon. It also provides accurate reports each time that a change is due.

Cleaning a system before refilling with oil prevents contaminants forming deposits, which can block machines leading to an increase in energy consumption and temperature. Using NCH Europe's Advanced Technology Flush & Clean prevents this by dissolving deposits and neutralising acids, while also cleaning metal surfaces to reduce system wear.

"It's not uncommon for some engineers to cut corners and miss out the cleaning stage," continued Burnett. "In doing this, contaminants will build up in the system and cause problems for the machine. Without cleaning the system, fresh gear oil becomes contaminated and less effective within hours."

The final step in the oil change program is the use of an effective gear oil. In order to provide maximum lubrication while also addressing industry issues such as corrosion and dry starts, NCH Europe developed Top Blend CS.

Top Blend CS is able to repel water to drastically slow the rate of corrosion, while the built-in acid neutralisers and oxidative inhibitors prevent the chemical break down that leads to oil acidity. This greatly extends the lifespan of gears and seals, saving companies money in the long run.

Top Blend CS also addresses the problems of dry starts and foaming. The calcium-sulphonate make-up of Top Blend CS resolves these with anti-foam technology and adhesive cohesive polymers; the latter prevents dry starts by allowing oil to cling to gear surfaces during shut down.

This three-step gear oil program is just one of many solutions being launched by NCH Europe's Innovation Platforms in 2016. The Lubricants and Fuel Additives Platform alone will be launching four new products to tackle a range of industry issues.

For further information, view website:

Food-grade aerosol lubricant
provides benefits in food processing

Global water, energy and maintenance solutions provider NCH Europe has launched K Plex White Aerosol, a food-grade aerosol lubricant that protects surfaces from contamination and wear. The product is NSF H1 certified, meaning it is safe for use in and around food processing areas.

K Plex White is developed for parts such as hinges, exposed gears, chains, bearings and slides. The formulation of K Plex White allows the sprayed film to thicken after application so even hard-to-reach surfaces can benefit from effective lubrication.

The grease contains adhesive and cohesive polymers that allow it to reliably stay in place once applied, avoiding sling off and wash out. Shock load reducers minimise the impact of machine vibration and a unique formulation helps to keep the product viscous at high temperatures, maximising product life.

"Ineffective lubrication is a recurring problem in the food processing industry," explained Mark Burnett, VP of the Lubricants and Fuel Additives Innovation Platform at NCH Europe. "The machinery used in food packing and processing facilities is prone to wear, which leads to breakages and an expensive loss of production. Due to the likelihood of incidental food contact, any lubricants used in these applications need to be effective and safe to use around food.

"One of the biggest difficulties that engineers will face is finding a formulation that does both. This is why we developed K Plex White in such a way that it can safely meet the demands of the sector, while also leaving a lasting layer of protection against wear.

"Many businesses use steam cleaning to remove food remnants from their machinery, which involves the use of high temperatures. K Plex White's extended temperature range provides effective operation from -20 degrees Celsius to 140 degrees Celsius."

K Plex White's high heat tolerance comes from its additive composition. The aluminium complex base offers heat reversion characteristics - that allow the product to remain viscous at high temperatures - while the highly refined base oil provides additional heat protection and the addition of PTFE gives improved lubrication to applications.

Effective lubrication is an important factor in the successful maintenance of food manufacturing machinery. K Plex White is designed to deliver a lasting film that is easy to apply and can penetrate hard to reach areas, allowing maintenance engineers to combat most instances of metal-wear in their machinery.

For further information, view website: 
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