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Hainbuch introduces new 'gear cutting' clamping solution

Anybody cutting gears is all too familiar with the issue that clamping solutions for the gear-cutting sector are individual and have very special requirements. This is why HAINBUCH has now developed its new MANDO G211 segmented mandrel system with a slim interference contour.

With the new MANDO G211, customers can put the new standard segmented mandrel to deliver results. Acquiring 'in-stock' segmented clamping bushes, the  rigid and narrow mandrel system offers an optimised tool run-out contour that is ideal for use in gear cutting applications. Furthermore, the new MANDO G211 can be applied to gear shaping or grinding operations.

The new innovation has three end-stop levels that are placed with different proximity to the workpiece. This makes it possible to use individual workpiece end-stops.  HAINBUCH has covered all bases by also developing a coolant connection to ensure complete process reliability for the end user.

Whether you design the machine connection to suit your specific needs or whether you want a complete solution, HAINBUCH has the solution at hand. The workholding specialists can extend the program to the quick change-over system to ensure the customer profits from fast and effective radial clamping that uses the proven pull-back effect to increase rigidity. By using the pull-back effect and increasing rigidity, the machining performance is enhanced through improved repeatability, accuracy and reduced vibration.

HAINBUCH has an extremely large clamping range with outstanding vibration dampening characteristics that are credit to vulcanized clamping elements within the MANDO G211. With 'in-stock' standard segmented clamping bushings, three end-stop levels and integrated flushing channels, please call your local HAINBUCH representative.

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