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OLYMPUS Stream 2.2:
Efficient microscopy imaging and reporting in industry

Olympus launches its Stream 2.2 image analysis software package, significantly improving reliability and precision in a range of materials science applications. A variety of specialised solutions optimises workflows including intuitive step-by-step guidance and full reporting flexibility across MS Office.

Specifically designed to offer flexible options to meet all materials science imaging and analysis needs, OLYMPUS Stream 2.2 combines intuitive functionality for digital image acquisition, image processing, analysis and evaluation, image archiving, document management and report generation. As a result, the Olympus Stream software provides all the tools needed for users to simply control, collect, calculate and communicate their work in complete compliance with international and national standards.

Demands within industrial production and maintenance regarding product quality, process assurance and economic profitability are rising steadily. Industrial quality and process assurance programs are based on proven methods, on the knowledge and evaluative skills of experts, as well as on strict national and international standards. A digital inspection approach can provide significantly higher objectivity and reproducibility compared to conventional inspection methods.

Olympus Stream 2.2 focuses strongly on the high and specific demands on reporting measurements and analysis results in the field of industrial and materials science applications. It is compatible with Windows 10 and supports MS Office 2016 for creating reports. This allows users a free choice of using MS Word, MS Excel or MS PowerPoint for their reporting tasks and allows intuitive, customisable and time-efficient report creation for everyone with experience of using MS Office.

The new version works perfectly with all industrial microscopes, such as the Olympus BX3M series of upright metallurgical microscopes, which had been launched this year with many new features focusing strongly on the seamless interfaces between hardware and software. Customers have also free choice within the broad range of Olympus digital cameras that are exclusively designed for microscopes. This includes the new cost-effective, entry-level Olympus LC30 colour microscope camera and the new high-end Olympus DP74 colour camera, which offers the highest quality and very convenient features like LiveHDR.

Olympus Stream can be enhanced by various workflow-based materials solutions for specific tasks to be conducted. With the new release, specific tasks in metallography, electronics, coating measurement and particle analysis have been made easier through improvements in usability, speed and functionality. This makes the whole measurement process extremely easy, even for inexperienced users.

Moreover, the optimised re-usage of predefined settings and easy adaptations according to specific sample requirements lead to more precise results due to better data input. This leads to faster results with higher precision and accuracy, as required by the market and standards.

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