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Surtech launch new products at MACH 2016

In the 'Welding World Village' at MACH 2016, Surface Technology Products (Surtech) provided fabricators with the opportunity to view the latest range of welding tables from Bernd Siegmund GmbH.

On the strategically located stand in the welding village, the Birmingham based company catered for the audience of fabricators at MACH with welding tables and a weld cleaning machine. Surtech exhibited two welding tables on its stand to give visitors just a taste of what is available from the Siegmund brand.

The two tables on display introduced a range of possibilities with varying tooling hole configurations. There is a wide selection of clamping and fixturing devices with accessories to make each set-up more efficient for every fabrication shop.

The Siegmund tables are designed exclusively for clamping and welding and they are presented as flexible, indestructible, hard wearing with a huge functional diversity making it possible to realise complex application set-ups very quickly. They enable the user to choose between two base table versions with varying dimensions, table legs and structural hardness. The Siegmund tables are precision machined on the top and side tooling locations with scale for the highest accuracy and repeatability of set-ups. This precision is emphasised in every aspect of the product with extremely precise support rails offering unlimited expansion.

The new 'Professional Extreme' welding table, that will last over half a century, received a MACH presentation. With the Professional Extreme, the customer receives an 'indestructible' welding table with a lifetime geared to be used for more than 50 years, when correctly treated. By using pre-hardened steel and a plasma nitride surface, the table becomes extremely durable to outer impacts, scratches, rust and weld spatter adhesion.

To compliment the welding tables on display, Surtech included a MACH debut for its new range of ISOARK weld cleaning machines. This Swiss manufactured ISOJET Cleaner 5 is a fully mobile system for removing weld and plasma cutting residue from components. The new ISOJET® Cleaner 5 from ISOARK is an easy and cost effective way to remove the tarnished surfaces that result from TIG, orbital welding and plasma cutting without dulling the base material.

The ISOJET Cleaner 5 operates on the electrolyte principle, whereby the tarnish is removed through the effect of the electro­nic (positive to negative flow of electrons)
flow from the anode to the cathode using a speci­al electrolyte.

Operation is simple by connecting the applicator to the cur­rent supply, fitting the carbon brush, dipping it into the "ISOJET® ISOL C electrolyte solution and brushing over the weld. The flexible carbon brush conforms to every weld and cleans all stainless steel where tarnish appears after welding, spot-welding or punching.

For further information on the innovative products that received their MACH debut, e-mail: or view website:

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