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Gas analysis and detection

Wireless gas detection solutions

After introducing the wireless BM 25 work site system, Oldham has expanded  its product range with the introduction of the new MX 40 gas detection controller.

The MX 40 controller was designed to centralize the information transmitted by the BM 25 over a wireless network and can display up to 32 measurements in real time. When a BM 25 signals an alarm, the MX 40 also goes into alarm mode and can, for example, control internal relays and order other monitors to transmit the alarm as well.

The MX 40 can connect to up to 16 BM 25 units on the same wireless network and up to 16 different networks can be used independently.

The wireless technology used allows for fast, easy and safe deployment, in addition to easy upgrades for coverage and high fault tolerance, significantly reducing network installation and operation costs.

Using the Sitewatch option, the MX 40 can be accessed remotely via Ethernet or GSM. A web page displays measurements and channel statuses in real time, and is accessible from any computer or wireless phone connected to the internet. This option also allows you to have SMS or email messages sent in the case of an alarm.

For more information on the BM 25 Wireless, visit the pages MX 40 & BM 25 on website:

Oldham SAS in profile
Oldham SAS has more than 100 years of experience in safety, gas and fire detection systems. Oldham SAS is headquartered in Arras, France, and is a subsidiary of Scott Safety, a company of Tyco Group. Oldham employs hundreds of people globally with operations in France, USA, China, India and Germany. Oldham´s mission is to be the best provider of fixed-point gas detection systems worldwide. Its wide range of application-driven products and expertise embody performance, quality and reliability.

For further information, view website: 

Oldham have launched
their new CTX 300 CO2 detector

Oldham have launched their new CTX 300 CO2 detector. The CTX 300 is a 4-20 mA analog detector designed for industrial applications in areas without explosion hazard classifications. The detector can connect to more than 30 different factory pre-calibrated sensors to prevent exposure to highly toxic and/or corrosive gases.

Designed to detect toxic gases, oxygen and refrigerant gases, the CTX 300 uses a new sensor for CO2 detection over three different ranges: 0-5000 ppm, 0-5% vol. and 0-100% vol.

The output signal is now open-path over the three measurement ranges, without the need for a supplementary processing card. A version with a display is also available, and accessories for the standard CTX 300 are compatible with the CTX 300 CO2.

For versions without displays, the operating temperature range is from -40°C to +50°C, allowing for new applications in extreme cold areas.

For further information, view website:  Refer to page 549

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