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Balances and weighing machines

Simple Solutions for Fast 100% in-process control

New high-resolution weigh modules from Mettler Toledo offer surprisingly fast and simple solutions for 100% in-process control. They can be used to check completeness of parts, kits or modules as well as quality of surfaces where material is added or subtracted. A white paper is available explaining how weigh modules are applied for in-line testing with high throughput rates.

Traditional methods for in-process control and end-of-line control use electrical resistance, optical imaging, spectrometry, light beam and mechanical sizing.  It wasn't until recently, that weighing technology was used in spot-checking mode. This was mostly due to the design of traditional balances and scales, which didn´t fit seamlessly into machines and instruments. It also wasn't obvious that dimensions, coatings, shapes or completeness could indirectly be checked while looking at weight deviations or differences.

New weigh modules are designed for fast quality control
High-resolution weigh modules from METTLER TOLEDO are compact. They can be seamlessly integrated into various machines and instruments. In an automated process a weigh module can detect violations of weight tolerance of 1 ppm in a split second. This high measurement speed enables 100% inspection without sacrificing high throughput. Although lighting and positioning of the part doesn't matter, this method is suitable for complex shapes, hidden structures, material inconsistency, as well as transparent or reflective materials.

Image 1. Automated completeness and density test with weigh modules    in sinter metal manufacturing.

Image 2. Quality and completeness of such parts, kits and modules can easily be verified by weight.

Easy compliance with standards for quality control
Standards, including TS16949 and ISO9001, require periodic testing of quality control devices. The test frequency has to be in accordance with the risks related to the respective control process. Weigh modules are tested with traceable weights to comply with the above mentioned standards. This procedure is easy and inexpensive. In addition, most weigh modules have a built-in calibration weight. This allows for automatic verification of function and precision, plus adjustment if necessary, at any time.

METTLER TOLEDO is a leading global manufacturer of precision instruments. The Company is the world's largest manufacturer and marketer of weighing instruments for use in laboratory, industrial and food retailing applications. The Company also holds top-three market positions in several related analytical instruments and is a leading provider of automated chemistry systems used in drug and chemical compound discovery and development. In addition, the Company is the world's largest manufacturer and marketer of metal detection systems used in production and packaging.

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Brochure explains how advanced safety
features ensure accuracy and uptime

A new brochure from METTLER TOLEDO explains how modern safety features not only can ensure the safe and fast installation of weigh modules, but can also benefit businesses in terms of accuracy and uptime.

MultMount™ and PinMount™ weigh modules from METTLER TOLEDO are designed with SafeLock™ features that protect the load cell from accidental overload during the lowering of the tank onto the weigh module. SafeLock™ also immobilizes all moving parts of the weigh module and facilitates precise positioning during installation.

The weigh modules' incorporated RockerPin load introduction feature provides the best weighing performance in case of deformation of the understructure, as a result of thermal effects or load changes, while protecting load cells inside the conveyor scales from side shocks. METTLER TOLEDO weigh modules are compliant with global standards and are designed to withstand rugged industrial environments.

For further information and to download the brochure, view website:

EasyMax HFCal, a new small-scale reaction
calorimeter that enhances scale-up safety and speed

METTLER TOLEDO has launched its new small-scale reaction calorimeter, EasyMax HFCal. This next-generation heat flow calorimeter provides critical process information to scientists and engineers earlier in the development process so they can shorten time-to-market, reduce development costs, and improve safety.

The design of EasyMax HFCal allows it to generate reproducible results at small scale. Using fewer materials and less processing time, it provides accurate data on parameters such as heat transfer coefficient, specific heat of reaction mass, reaction enthalpy, thermal conversion and adiabatic temperature rise. This is particularly helpful when working with rare or expensive materials. It also means corrective process decisions can be made sooner for faster development and fewer costly lab or plant incidents.

"EasyMax HFCal provides reaction information early in the development process to improve the chemical workflow" says Urs Groth, Product Manager, METTLER TOLEDO. "This data can be used to characterize, optimize and understand process parameters in a controlled, accurate and reproducible environment."

iControl software helps users quickly achieve an in-depth understanding of key reaction events by automatically calculating and reporting heat transfer data, specific heat of reaction mass, heat flow and reaction enthalpies. It also enables easy comparison of results from multiple experiments and/or multiple workstations.

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New online selection tool helps customers
find the perfect laboratory balances and
scales with just a few Clicks of their mouse

METTLER TOLEDO has re-developed its EasyFinder™ online product selection tool. Four mouse clicks are all it now takes for customers to pinpoint which balances, scales and terminals from the company's huge offering fit best with their weighing needs including GWP® Recommendation download - the Good Weighing Practice™.

1000 balances - 4 steps - One Recommendation: the web-based EasyFinder™ takes input on customers' weighing needs and expertly narrows down the mass of product choices to a manageable shortlist of balances, scales or even terminals.

First, select the working environment, then enter the largest and smallest weight (or select readability instead) and define the accuracy - it's really that simple. Specifying a few additional selection criteria narrows down the list to models that fit best with the customer's industry and application even further. Side-by-side product comparisons and an attractively presented summary of the EasyFinder™ search results benefit buyers of weighing instruments with straightforward, fast purchasing decisions. Saving, printing or sharing the results are some other features that might come in handy.

EasyFinder™ is based on the Good Weighing Practice™, a scientific approach to selecting a balance or scale that meets a given set of process requirements. Users of the product selection tool can also download a GWP® Recommendation, providing documented evidence that the selected instrument meets metrological, environmental and regulatory requirements, at no charge.

For ferther information on the new EasyFinder™, view website: 
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