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Surface Mount Technology production equipment

Gen3 Systems present the new, Award-Winning CM
Series and AutoSIR/CAF 2 test systems at IPC APEX 2017

Gen3 Systems Limited, a specialist British manufacturer and distributor, exhibited with Ascentech, LLC at the 2017 IPC APEX EXPO, in February 2017, at the San Diego Convention Center in California. Gen3 and Ascentech demonstrated the new CM+ Series and AutoSIR 2/AutoCAF 2.  

The 6-Sigma, award-winning ionic contamination test systems CM+ Series were on display.
The CM+ Series are the world's only combined ROSE and PICT Ionic Contamination Test System.

The CM+ Series features include: 
§ Complete testing within only 3 minutes. § The entire tank volume is re-circulated 6 times every minute (CM33L up to 240 litres per minute). § Unique solid gold measuring cell, ballistic amplifier providing a test accuracy of <0.0. § Unique CURVE-FITTING Analysis algorithm (Merit of Fit). § Full regeneration in typically < 6 minutes. § Smooth bubble-free circulation at all times.

§ Accurate measurement even when the proportion of test solution to surface area under test are huge. § Automatic temperature compensation. § Measures in accordance with all international and MIL specifications old and new. § New range of PCB/Component handling frames, with integrated draining system.   

The Contaminometer series from Gen3 Systems come in 6 different models and 6 different tank sizes - when selecting a Test System, for optimum results, it is important to use the smallest possible tank size for the circuit under test. The CM+ Series comprise: CM11+, CM22+, CM33+, CM33L+, CM60 and CMBBT.
Also on the booth will be the Award Winning AutoSIR 2 / AutoCAF 2 Insulation Resistance Testers.

The key features of both the NEW AutoSIR2 and AutoCAF2 Measurement systems provide the following product enhancements:
§ Measurement Time: 256 Channels <8 seconds. § Applied Voltage: +1V to +500V. § CLR1000 extends the test voltage to 1000V. § Measurement Range: 106 Ω to 1014 Ω. § Measurement Method: Continuous on all selected tests. § Measurement Test Intervals: Fully selectable from minimum of one minute. § Capable of testing to all existing test specifications IPC - IEC - JNC and other user specifications.

Both the AutoSIR2 and AutoCAF2 Systems are available with 64, 128 or 256 channel configurations.

Gen3 Systems also gave a joint presentation with Robert Bosch on the subject of Process Ionic Contamination Testing achieving 6-Sigma verification.

Gen3 Systems' new Chief Technology Officer, Dr Chris Hunt presented as all, and discussed verification testing for the new IPC-B-53 Test Coupon for the next revision of the SIR Test Method.

For further information about Gen3 Systems, view website:

Gen3 Systems present research
conducted with Robert Bosch at APEX

Gen3 Systems Limited's Production Manager Mark Routley presented the paper titled "Process Control of Ionic Contamination achieving 6-Sigma Criteria in the assembly of Electronic Circuits" alongside Dr Pierre Eckold of Robert Bosch at IPC APEX EXPO. The presentation were held during the session titled "Corrosion/Cleanliness/SIR Reliability".

The increasing dependency of electronic circuitry operating in hostile environments, especially of high reliability, safety critical applications, demands ever-greater attention to electrochemical stability. With the capability to establish a qualified manufacturing process using Surface Insulation Resistance (SIR) and tests focusing on Conductive Anodic Filament (CAF), what about the process control of ionic matter intrinsic to the production processes?

A method to monitor the ionic contamination level of electronic control units during manufacturing in order to ensure a constant contamination level was a fundamental requirement for Robert Bosch, and their multiple electronic manufacturing sites across the world.

Utilizing a newly developed test protocol introduced by Gen3 Systems, known as Process Ionic Contamination Testing (PICT), a Gauge R&R study was conducted in order to qualify the repeatability of the new developed contamination testing systems from Gen3 Systems (CM Series - Contaminometer) which were placed in five locations worldwide. The production of high reliability, safety critical, electronic circuits, involving multiple production sites around the world, is required to meet the stringent 6-Sigma criteria set by Robert Bosch.

Fulfilling the engineering requirements and driving the product innovation for Gen3 Systems of the UK, Routley is responsible for all manufacturing and engineering operations. Focusing on the production of specialist test and measurement equipment used to predict the reliability of electronic circuitry in the field, Routley's involvement has progressed in to testing, with a particular emphasis on process residue testing occurring during PCB assembly.

Gen3 Systems in profile
Gen3 Systems is a specialist manufacturer of test and measurement equipment used to help predict reliability of electronic circuits and systems in the field. In addition, the company designs and manufactures dip and spray coating process equipment in both in-line and bench-top formats. Following its acquisition of Process Support Products in 2008, Gen3 has become a specialist distributor for several leading equipment manufacturers including, most recently, Global Distribution rights for Aprotec Instrumentation, Solder Paste Inspection (SPI) systems.

Gen3 Systems also provides training, equipment and expertise for manufacturers requiring assessment of their electronic products' reliability. The company also operates a test service and assists with standards development via both the IPC and IEC. Gen3 Systems operates from premises near Farnborough Business Park, on the M3 corridor and just 30 minutes from London's Heathrow Airport.

For further information about Gen3 Systems, view website:

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