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Ellesco introduce new surface
finishing machines at MACH 2016

MACH is the outstanding showcase for advances in the manufacturing industry brought to you by the Manufacturing Technologies Association (MTA), a UK based trade association dealing specifically with engineering based manufacturing. It is a biennial exhibition which brings together all the best innovations and latest developments to come from the manufacturing technologies sectors under one roof.

Alongside the Timesaver machines, Ellesco showed a diverse range of machines that included the Kuhlmeyer ZBS2 twin belt grinding machine. For workpiece grinding and finishing with automatic and manual control, the ZBS2 is the machine of choice. Particularly effective for the sanding, grinding and polishing of stainless steel and a host of other metallic materials, the Kuhlmeyer ZBS2 has two abrasive belts that are driven over an idle roller that rests above the workpiece. This innovative design has been developed to eliminate secondary finishing processes whilst giving the operator complete control and visibility of the finishing process. Extremely popular in the sheetmetal industry, the ZBS is ideal for weld dressing, graining and especially boxes and enclosures. The machine at MACH will be equipped with a vacuum multi-axis handling device.

At MACH, the Kuhlmeyer was complemented by the T300K deburring and graining machine from VG Machines for metal grinding. Available with belt widths of 200, 300 or 650mm with 1, 2 or 3 grinding heads, the T300K is also available with the option of single or double brushes for enhanced finishing processes. With non-slip 1900mm belts, the T300K has a height adjustment level from 1 to 10mm. At MACH, the mid-range T300K machine were demonstrated with a single polishing head.

With automation being such a core competence of the modern manufacturing business, Ellesco introduced a host of automated finishing packages on its MACH stand. These included the WMS-Engineering series of deburring machines for cast or machined components through a contained robotic cell. The German manufactured range primarily consists of bespoke solutions to meet the exact needs of the end user and are specialists within the automotive sector. However, some machines in the WMS series offer standardisation with a degree of flexibility to meet the various demands of the customer. At MACH Ellesco showed the market leading WMS, the W-03, which is capable of picking components up to 10kg through multiple axis manipulation with remarkable processing speed. The capability of this exciting package was shown in both demo and full operation modes during the exhibition.

For the automated polishing of multi-faceted parts, Ellesco also highlighted the potential of the exciting Autopulit robotic polishing cell. The Autopulit demonstration at MACH was designed to show tool changeovers with efficient and consistent polishing quality on production runs of parts with complex features and forms. As always, Ellesco engineers  invited visitors to bring their components to the stand, so the Christchurch company could demonstrate the capabilities, quality and consistency of its equipment.

For further details on how to get your parts professionally polished, e-mail: or view website:

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