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VCmaster 2017 - Continuous development leads to increased performance

This years development focus for VCmaster has been on improving the handling of the software and simplifying data entry / VCmaster has been revised in many aspects to achieve this goal

VCmaster provides engineers with an intuitive concept for efficiently carrying out digital documentation. Not only is VCmaster equipped with a comfortable text processing feature, but it is also capable of importing outputs of all CAD- and structural analysis software seamlessly integrating documentation into the planning process.

VCmaster has been developed especially for the construction industry, thus several industry specific features and modules supplement the program.

These include:

§ Calculations: Formulae are calculated automatically, completely replacing the pocket calculator. In case of modifications all results are checked and re-calculated if needed.

§ Interfaces: The t2W-technology allows for data transfer from all CAD- and structural analysis software applications via an universal printer driver.

§ Intelligent Management: The Hybrid-Technology guarantees consistent documents regardless of their size by automatically outsourcing embedded data.

§ VCcopy-Technology (NEW): VCcopy expands the Windows-Clipboard to up to 30 entries and displays them in a preview (image). The program accelerates workflow and offers entirely new possibilities for copying data.

§ Templates according to Eurocode: Hundreds of extensively annotated templates offer quick solutions for daily calculation tasks, which would otherwise have to be compiled manually.

Due to these and many more innovations, VCmaster is the most comprehensive software application for digital technical documentation in the field of structural engineering. The dynamically calculating and reusable documents offer an excellent opportunity to increase efficiency for structural analysis.

The new version VCmaster 2017 was released in October, containing numerous new features like the above mentioned VCcopy technology.

Veit Christoph GmbH in profile
Veit Christoph GmbH emerged in 1996 as an independent software house from a structural engineering company. With more than 4,000 customers around the globe, Veit Christoph GmbH, is today a reliable partner for structural engineering software solutions. Their software VCmaster is designed to simplify many standard routine procedures for structural engineers by avoiding or even eliminating redundant steps in their daily work-flow.

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