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WEG's new compact contactor brings
ease-of-installation to the next level

WEG, a leading global manufacturer of motor and drive technology, has launched a new user-friendly and compact power contactor - the CWB80 -  to help electrical engineers and installers save vital space in the cabinet while enhancing ease of installation. With a unit width of just 54 mm and rated currents from 40 to 80 A (three-phase AC, 400 V), the CWB80 is more compact than conventional devices in the same power class (18.5 to 37 kW), proving a versatile solution for a wide range of industrial applications. 

To minimise the footprint, WEG has designed the CWB80 so that the power contacts are separated from the auxiliary contacts and control terminals. The mounting sockets for the auxiliary contacts save space and enable toolless mounting of two-pole or four-pole auxiliary contact blocks.

Thanks to a user-friendly modular design, installers can quickly and easily assemble high-performance combination starter modules with short-circuit and overload protection by mating CWB80 power contactors with WEG's MPW80 motor protection circuit breakers. In situations where short-circuit protection is not required, thermal motor protection relays from the RW67 series can be attached directly.

Various types of snubbers can be plugged in quickly and easily, with no tools. The terminals are easily accessible and are located at different mounting levels according to the contact type.

"Across the industrial market, there is growing demand for cost-effective and versatile automation solutions," comments Zoltan Schaaf, Manager Low-Voltage Switchgear at WEG. "With this in mind, WEG has developed a solution that helps reduce installation times and costs while reducing the footprint in electrical applications where saving space is very important."

For switched currents up to 38 A, energy-efficient DC coils enable direct control by a PLC without a supplementary coupling relay. The accessory auxiliary contact blocks and snubbers fit all contactors in the CWB series, simplifying stock-keeping, type selection and configuration.

All WEG's power contactors in the CWB series are manufactured and tested according to IEC/EN 60947 (DIN VDE 0660) and are UL and CSA approved. Additionally, they are designed to ensure high reliability when switching the higher starting currents of IE3 motors.

Image 1: CWB power contactors mate with MPW motor protection circuit breakers to form high-performance combination starter modules.

Image 2: A CWB power contactor combined with an RW-series thermal motor protection relay.

Image 3: The expanded portfolio of CWB power contactors now provides reliable switching for motors with power ratings from 4 to 37 kW.

WEG in profile
A global major in the power distribution, automation and control sectors, WEG has just celebrated its 50th birthday. The company's global sales now exceed the US$3-billion mark, representing increasing global success across a wide range of product groups, including the latest generation of transformers, LV control gear, generators, gear motors, inverter drive systems, soft starters, LV and HV motors, ATEX- compliant explosion proof motors, smoke extraction motors and full turnkey systems. In addition, WEG has recently made a significant strategic expansion of its product portfolio, following the establishment of a joint venture for the manufacturing of wind turbines and the purchase of an Austrian gearbox manufacturer, WATT Drive.

For further information about WEG's range of low voltage switchgear view website:   
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