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Pentair offers 'Customized Standard' Schroff
product platforms plus standard component sets

An off-the-shelf solution or customized development? This question often presents itself during the data center design and development phase. Standard solutions based on the cookie-cutter principle are delivered quickly and are usually less costly than customized solutions. This approach often lacks the flexibility needed to meet the needs and requirements of the data center professional. Customers make do with unwanted features and without some of the functionality they need. Even minor modifications are only achieved at great expense. Customized solutions, meanwhile, are matched exactly to requirements but are costlier and require more time.

Pentair uses a standardized approach, but one with a modular format and added flexibility.

For the design and construction of data center infrastructure, Pentair offers new 'customized standard' solutions. These combine the benefits of both off-the-shelf and customized solutions: high flexibility, a modular format, fast delivery within 10 working days, and manageable costs. This principle has proven to be successful in many large-scale projects, for example for major banks and car manufacturers. Smaller businesses with limited resources and which previously relied on off-the-shelf solutions benefit as well. Pentair's 'customized standard solutions' are the alternative for designing a data center to meet exacting requirements.

The customized standard solutions from Pentair are realized using Schroff product platforms such as the Varistar server cabinets, and include cooling and a wide palette of off-the-shelf expansion and accessory components. Customized solutions from standard parts, are assembled quickly and at reasonable cost. The modular approach assures flexibility and adaptability and more substantial modifications can be achieved quickly, simply and cost efficiently

Pentair Equipment Protection in profile
Pentair Equipment Protection, a business unit of Pentair, is the leading provider of product and service solutions for the protection and cooling of electrical and electronic systems worldwide. Its brands - Hoffman®, Schroff® and McLean® - lead throughout the industry and offer a broad selection of standard, configured and individually adapted solutions for telecommunications, trade, power generation, general electronics, industrial, infrastructure, medical and security and defense systems.

Pentair provides leading products, services and solutions industry-wide for the many different requirements of its customers in the fields of water and other fluids, heat management and equipment protection.  With proforma revenues of approximately US$8 billion, Pentair employs some 30,000 people worldwide.

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