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Vattenfall Services and Enoro sign
a framework agreement with VÄRMEK

Vattenfall Services and Enoro have joined forces to offer 144 Swedish utilities a Metering solution for district heating, electricity and water. The solution is offered within a four-year framework agreement signed on 1 July 2015 by the prime-contracting partner Vattenfall Services and VÄRMEK, a Swedish procurement association in the utility sector. VÄRMEK estimates that the total order potential is SEK 15 million over a four-year period.

Cost efficiency, regulatory compliance and improved work efficiency are the biggest benefits expected for VÄRMEK's members. The Metering solution includes a Meter Data Management service, based on Enoro's GENERIS product, already with more than 400 installations in nine European countries, and a leading market position in the Nordic markets.

"We are very proud to have won this framework agreement with our strategic partner, Vattenfall Services. Together we have a strong offering, which we believe will be interesting to VÄRMEK's member companies. We really look forward to meeting VÄRMEK's members with Vattenfall Services and discussing the future opportunities together," says Anders H. Lier, President & CEO, Enoro.

The Metering solution covers optional Automatic Meter Reading functionalities, visualization and Big Data analysis tools, for the use of the full potential of smart meters. In addition, balance settlement functionalities are available as an optional Energy Data Management module. The Automatic Meter Reading and Meter Data Management / Energy Data Management functionalities are provided from separate platforms and can be selected independently.

The whole offering is provided as a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution, where members only pay for the usage of the software, instead of having to make hardware or platform investments, like in traditional on-premise installations. Meter Data Management and Energy Data Management functionalities are installed so that several companies share the same technological platform, but they are logically separated from each other. This multi-tenant installation provides large-scale benefits, both from a functionality standpoint and from an economic point of view, since the costs are shared among a large number of customers.

Enoro in profile
Enoro develops and delivers software solutions and services to increase energy efficiency in Norway, Europe and beyond. With over 20 years' experience and more than 250 employees we have a unique industry experience. More than 400 companies in Europe use Enoro-solutions daily to enhance their operations and 15 million energy customers rely on data from Enoro. Enoro's energy data management systems draw on a deep understanding of the energy trade, regulatory environment, IT systems and business processes.

For further information, view website: and e-mail:

Vattenfall Services in profile
With a strong customer focus and knowledge, combined with high efficiency, Vattenfall Services is the market leader in electricity and energy maintenance.

Vattenfall Services delivers and develops maintenance and construction services for energy and electricity facilities in the Nordic market. 1550 employees in 90 locations in Sweden and our main customers are network and energy companies, industries, municipalities, county councils and contractors.

For further information, view website: and e-mail:

VÄRMEK in profile
VÄRMEK, Svenska Värmeverkens Ekonomiska Förening, is a Swedish procurement association in utility sector, owned by its 144 members. VÄRMEK's commission is to procure technology, products and services on behalf of its members and in doing so to fulfil the requirements for public procurement within the utilities sector.

The members have set up VÄRMEK in order to achieve benefits, both administrative and with regard to procurement terms. The members are largely municipal or state-owned enterprises mainly in the energy sector. They are governed by procurement laws, primarily the Utilities Procurement Act (LUF). VÄRMEK is a complement to the members' own purchasing organizations. The members can use the framework agreements that VÄRMEK procures directly without conducting their own procurements.

The basis for VÄRMEK's framework agreements is that members should be able to choose quickly, effectively and securely the technology, products and services that are most appropriate.

For further information, view website:

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