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Tornos debuted new machines at MACH 2016

Tornos debuted the new Swiss GT 26 B turning centre at the MACH 2016 show, Launched at the EMO exhibition in the autumn, the new Swiss GT 26 B was shown alongside the competitively priced Tornos CT 20 turning centre.

As one of Tornos' best selling units, the new developments incorporated into the Swiss GT 26 at EMO, attracted the attention of visitors to MACH. Despite its already impressive flexibility credentials, this machine now boasts a B-axis. With 6 linear axes, two C-axes, three live tooling platens with the facility for 16 driven tools and a total of up to 36 tools, the Swiss GT 26 B-axis provides remarkable flexibility and capability for the end user. Putting all this into an aesthetically pleasing package, visitors to MACH will be impressed by the absolute flexibility of this machine.

The integrated positional B-axis design places the B-axis on two fixation points, which makes it far more rigid and robust than competitor machines with just one fixation point. Tornos engineered the machine in this fashion for customers to maximise the potential of the powerful spindle motors on the driven tool stations. In doing this, customers can experience the utmost in rigidity to enhance material removal rates as well as improve precision, surface finishes and consistency of the final component.

The innovative design of the Swiss GT26 B-axis enables it to accommodate 2 X 4 rotating spindles with a spindle speed of up to 9000rpm. Furthermore, the kinematics of the new Swiss GT26 B provide the facility for 2 X 4 fixed front tool stations, ensuring that virtually any angle can be indexed or processed by the NC programs.

Patented by the Swiss manufacturer, this raft of new features that have been integrated into the B-axis to ensure it is the only B-axis machine that can support up to four fixed tool positions. It is also the only B-axis machine tool design with a modular position that can incorporate either a fourth rotating drilling station or a 'true' thread whirling head.

Alongside this hugely popular machine at MACH was the entry level Tornos CT20. This cost effective machine is an automatic turning centre with sliding headstock and bar capacity of 20mm. With 5 linear axes and C-axis on both the main and counter spindle, this machine offers extreme flexibility at an economic pricing level.

The machine is available with 5 linear axes and is also equipped with two C-axes to increase machining capacity. The CT20 can take up to 26 tools (up to 10 rotating tools as an option), which makes it one of the best-equipped machines in its category.

The new machines from Tornos will be working in conjunction with the company's TISIS software. As the first machine tool builder to embrace Industry 4.0, Tornos will demonstrate its TISIS 2.0 software package. TISIS encompasses programming and machine management software that is designed for all Tornos products and conforms to Industry 4.0. So, whether you're looking for a cost effective entry level machine or a highly capable and flexible turning centre, Tornos can provide both with industry leading technology in its TISIS software.

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