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Nederman introduce 'On-Machine' filtration units

Regarded as the most efficient oil mist filtration range on the market for the machine tool industry, Nederman has now launched its new Nederman Filtac Series of extraction units. Based around the patent-pending FibreDrain™ technology, the new OMF Series of machines has been specially designed for continuous operation on turning, milling and grinding machine tools.

With high speed machining and high pressure coolant both becoming more prevalent in the metal cutting industry, oil mist and smoke from machine tools is increasingly commonplace. To eliminate the negative effect that oil mist has on employee health, productivity, the production equipment and overall business revenue, the Nederman Filtac OMF range of oil mist filters are available.

It is acknowledged that there is a fundamental difference between oil mist and smoke. Oil mist is comprised of liquid droplets generally up to 20 microns in size whereas high speed machining can generate mist drops that form a liquid smoke with droplets less than 1 micron. To effectively capture these extremely small droplets, Nederman has developed its unique, patent-pending FibreDrain™ technology.

Incorporated into the new line of Nederman Filtac OMF units, the FibreDrain™ filters make it possible to capture even the smallest submicron droplets and drain them back to the process with maintained filtration efficiency. The exceptional fluid drainage capacity ensures maximum coolant retrieval and reduces coolant consumption. The FibreDrain™ design extends filter life and reduces operating costs.

With six models in the OMF Series of oil mist filters, the modular range offers an airflow from 1000m3/h to 6000m3/h with an inlet diameter that extends from 150mm to 400mm diameter. Available as a free-standing vertical design that sits alongside the machine tool or as a horizontal system for mounting upon the machine, the OMF has the option of two or three filter stages depending upon the chosen model. These filters are easily accessible for cleaning or replacement, which significantly reduces the maintenance requirement and machine downtime.

The first filter stage consists of a cassette with Filtac's FibreDrain technology whilst the secondary stage consists of a HEPA filter in Class H13 with an efficiency of 99.95%. The performance of these individual filters can be monitored by gauges that indicate any drop in pressure. The separated oil is collected in the bottom of the unit where it can be drained to a container, a pump box or re-circulated directly back to the machine tool.

For the customer, the benefit of employing the Nederman Filtac OMF Series is a reduced health risk, as exposure to oil mist for a prolonged period can cause a number of respiratory and skin conditions. Additionally, workshop safety is improved as excess oil mist creates slippery surfaces that increase accident rates. From a productivity perspective, having a mist free work envelope enables the operator to open the machine door as soon as a component cycle has finished. Without effective filtration the operator would have to wait for the mist to dissipate after machining each part. Furthermore, the implementation of the OMF system can maximize the amount of coolant that can be retrieved and returned back to the process, saving significant amounts of lost oil every year. For further details on how the Nederman Filtac system can save you time and money, contact your local Nederman dealer or visit Nederman's new showroom for a demonstration.

Nederman in profile
Nederman is one of the world's leading companies supplying products and solutions in the environmental technology sector focusing on industrial air filtration. The company's products and systems contribute to reducing the environmental effects from industrial production, to creating safe and clean working environments and to boosting production efficiency. Nederman's offering encompasses everything from the design stage through to installation, commissioning and servicing. Sales are carried out via subsidiaries in 30 countries and distributors in over 30 countries. Nederman develops and produces products at its own manufacturing and assembly units in Europe, North America and Asia. The Group is listed on Nasdaq OMX, Stockholm and has around 1,950 employees.

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