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Three is the magic number

Digital specialist's three-piece automation suite optimises business operations.

Digital engagement specialist Parker Software is helping a range of industries to provide market-leading customer experience using its unique three-piece automation suite. Consisting of three digital engagement technologies, the suite provides a single channel solution that works across a company's entire digital operation to streamline processes and improve return on investment.

The suite features ThinkAutomation, an advanced business process automation solution, ProspectAgent, an intelligent reverse IP-lookup tool and WhosOn, the market's smartest live chat software. Parker Software is the only company to offer all three solutions in one suite.

The suite helps companies successfully manage time, resource and cost constraints to improve their digital performance. The all-encompassing solution can be tailored to a company's specific requirements, creating a complete digital transformation of their operations.

"With advancements in digital technology creating a retail landscape that never sleeps, brands are increasingly under pressure to offer the highest levels of customer service 24 hours a day," explained Howard Williams, marketing director of Parker Software. "The three-step suite allows companies to improve their relationships with potential and existing customers in record time and in a completely automated way.

"The younger generation are increasingly communicating with brands through real time platforms including social media and SMS messages. Our innovative tools including social media sentiment analysis, can automate a company's communication strategies to relay key information to specific customers, all in real time."

The three-part suite reflects the ideal three-step sales process as described by Parker; acquisition, engagement and automation. The solution is increasingly being used by retail, marketing, sales and transportation businesses to meet changing requirements.

The first step, acquisition, is mirrored by Parker Software's reverse IP-lookup tool, ProspectAgent, which pinpoints website visitors in real time. The technology identifies the appropriate contact details to allow companies to reach out and transform web visitors into real customers.

The second step, engagement, is supported by Parker's award winning WhosOn software, which allows businesses to connect with their customers in real time. WhosOn provides a range of further features including real-time analytics, sentiment flagging, language translation and file uploads to create meaningful interactions between a business and their customers.

The final sales step, automation, is perfectly reflected in Parker Software's latest update of its ThinkAutomation software. The innovative programme automates complex business processes including processing documents and inbound messages including emails, SMS and social media comments, automating tasks and providing real time analysis of results.

"In a competitive marketplace, it is more important than ever that a business operates at the highest efficiencies and the lowest costs. ThinkAutomation 4.0, ProspectAgent and WhosOn all help companies to provide thorough customer service using the easiest and most advanced solutions."

Parker Software's three-step suite is transforming businesses operations and removing the gap between a company and its customer. Enterprises interested in the seeing how the suite can help them, view website: for further information.

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