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Identification and enumeration of circulating tumor cells
in neuroendocrine tumor patients with GILUPI CellCollector®

In August 2016 a published scientific paper demonstrated for the first time circulating tumor cell (CTCs) isolation in neuroendocrine tumor patients with GILUPI CellCollector®.

Isolating and analyzing circulating tumor cells as a "liquid biopsy" can be an additional source of diagnosis, prognosis, evaluation of treatment efficacy and molecular tumor evolution and metastatic sites. CTCs have been, so far, identified in patients with metastatic neuroendocrine tumor (NET) using a comparator method with limited sampling volume that leads to the detection of low frequency CTC numbers. Professor Tim Meyer and his group from the UCL Cancer Institute, University College London wanted to overcome this limitation and increases CTCs numbers by using the GILUPI CellCollector®.

In their study, the researcher used the GILUPI CellCollector® and the comparator method. In total, 34 patients with metastatic NET were enrolled and the GILUPI CellCollector® was used to isolate CTCs in vivo.

Applying the GILUPI CellCollector® in 33 of 34 NET patients CTCs were found with a median of 6 CTCs. In comparison, in only 16 of 34 NET patients with a median of 0 CTC could be detected with the comparator method. More importantly, the researcher investigated the prognostic relevance of CTC count with GILUPI CellCollector®. Using a cut-off of 7 CTCs, the progression free survival of patients with less than or equal 7 CTCs was in median 11 months compared to patients with more than 7 CTCs had a significantly lower progression free survival. Further studies are needed to validate this finding to potentially aid the treatment of patients with neuroendocrine tumors.

The scientific paper entitled "A comparison of CellCollector with CellSearch in patients with neuroendocrine tumors by Mandair et al., was published in Endocrine-Related Cancer, pii: ERC-16-0201. PMID:27521132 (12th August).

GILUPI GmbH in profile
GILUPI GmbH is a medical device company founded in 2006 with focus on the development and production of innovative products for the in vivo isolation of rare cells from the blood circulation. Currently, the main focus of GILUPI is the diagnostics market for cancer.

Individual oncological targeted therapies will become more and more important in tomorrow's personalized medicine. The identification of the right drug for the specific patient is the upcoming challenge. To address this medical need, the application of the GILUPI CellCollector® enriches rare cells (circulating tumor cells - CTCs) by directly "fishing" them in the patient's bloodstream. By using special diagnostic analyses, these isolated cells can be characterized and/or analyzed at a molecular level.

The GILUPI CellCollector® is the first in vivo CTC isolation product worldwide that is CE approved.

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