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K3 Syspro guides firms to embrace Industry 4.0

With UK manufacturing going through what is defined as an industrial revolution, brought about by the rise in data volumes, the emergence of sophisticated business analytics, human-machine collaboration and robotic and additive manufacturing, it is no wonder that many manufacturers and distributors are finding it difficult to navigate through the jargon to really get to grips with how to integrate business technology systems to drive better performance.

According to K3 Syspro, a leading provider of advanced Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions for manufacturers and supply chain across the UK, manufacturers need to embrace the new industrial revolution, known as Industry 4.0, or risk falling behind.  But the question asked by many business leaders is how? 

Integrating systems and processes can seem complicated, a perception that K3 Syspro is keen to dispel as it launches an eBook 'How to manufacture a smarter factory with SYSPRO ERP', designed to take the confusion out of Industry 4.0 and technology advancements, answering the 'how' through expert advice and real-life business examples.

Cathie Hall, Managing Director of K3 Syspro, said: "We are providing an expert's guide for companies to stay ahead of the competition in a disruptive and fast evolving marketplace. Industry 4.0 is creating unprecedented opportunities for businesses to connect with each other in real time. For UK manufacturers, understanding how Industry 4.0 is revolutionising business models, is crucial in creating smarter, better integrated and successful manufacturers

She added: "At K3 Syspro we understand the numerous challenges faced by companies adapting to Industry 4.0. For over thirty years, K3 Syspro has been at the heart of UK manufacturing & distribution, helping organisations in diverse sectors including, automotive, electronics and aerospace, with advanced Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions. Our eBook is a guide on the necessary steps business leaders must take, to integrate the value chain, be more responsive to customers, remain ahead of the competition, and enable the factories of the future."

As the shift from mass production to mass customisation continues and servitization becomes an ever growing area of importance, it is clear that manufacturers face tough decisions where technology is concerned and ensuring that they get the best and most effective solution becomes critical to their success.
Through K3 Syspro's own tool SYSPRO and other applications to increase supply chain automation, systems integration and data manipulation tool DataSwitch and HR solution Equator HR, manufacturers can truly create a connected enterprise and support key business objectives in areas of supply & demand, quality, inventory control, cost control and utilisation. 

The K3 Syspro eBook 'How to manufacture a smarter factory with SYSPRO ERP' can be downloaded from the K3 Syspro website www. As you read on to discover the many case studies of K3 Syspro customers that have utilised these technologies, you'll also learn how you can transform your business ready for Industry 4.0.

K3 Syspro in profile

K3 Syspro employs over 100 people at its Manchester head office and its branches throughout the UK and Ireland. The company offers solutions in enterprise resource planning (ERP), customer relationship management, advanced planning and scheduling, warehouse management, human resources and e-business. SYSPRO is used by some 15,000 sites in over 60 countries. K3 Syspro is a division of K3 Business Technology Group, a global leader in providing next-generation enterprise software for businesses in the retail, manufacturing and distribution sectors.

With more than 3,000 customer installations in over 30 countries, K3 is recognised as a safe, innovative and reliable provider of world-class solutions, backed by world-class service.

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