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High performance in a compact design:   
Backlash-free ROBA®-DS servo couplings with split clamping hub

The high-performance ROBA®-DS shaft couplings transmit the torque backlash-free and with high torsional rigidity. They compensate for shaft misalignment and are both wear- and maintenance-free. On the sizes up to 150 Newton meters, mayr® power transmission are going to extend its standard hubs for mounting the shafts by a radially divisible hub - for easy and fast installation, even in difficult ambient conditions.

Radial installation: The ROBA®-DS servo couplings with split clamping hubs guarantee easy and fast installation, even in difficult ambient conditions: They are suitable for large shaft distances and in all applications, in which the drive aggregates must not be moved any more.

Short dimensions, little installation space requirements, reduced weight and low mass moments of inertia - the ROBA®-DS servo couplings win over customers due to their high performance density. They are able to transmit high torques even at comparably small diameter, which makes them the ideal shaft couplings for dynamic drive systems with high speeds. These couplings are made of steel and high-strength aluminum alloys, which forms the basis for the extremely compact design.

Backlash-free torque transmission
The couplings compensate for radial, axial and angular shaft misalignments by means of the flexible disk packs. This way, they protect the bearings from unwanted wear and tear and prevent unnecessary downtimes and costs. In order to achieve backlash-free torque transmission, the disks in the fixing area are treated with a special blasting procedure. The ROBA®-DS disk pack couplings are robust and reliable. They are temperature-resistant, wear- and maintenance-free and transmit the torque with very high torsional rigidity. Therefore, they are especially suited for applications in extreme ambient conditions.

Fast and easy installation
The area of application for servo couplings is growing. Therefore, mayr® power transmission have extended the standard hubs for shaft attachment by a radially divisible hub, a so-called split clamping hub, also for sizes 3 to 15. At permitted speeds of 3000 rotations per minute, these sizes for shaft diameters of 45 to 79 millimeters cover torques from 35 to 150 Newton meters. The half-shells guarantee easy and fast coupling installation, even in difficult ambient conditions. Therefore, the hubs are used preferably in applications, in which the drive aggregates such as the motor and the gearbox must not be moved after the positioning and aligning for coupling installation. These hubs are also recommended for large shaft distances, for example for cardan shafts in linear actuators, as in these cases the coupling is installed last and therefore has to be easy to install.

High performance density
Installation is carried out radially: To do this, the coupling is brought to the shafts and pre-assembled with the axially moveable half-shells. Here, it is important that the markings on the half-shells and on the hub bodies overlap. Then, the cap screws must be tightened evenly and in several sequences to the required tightening torque. The ROBA®-DS servo couplings are available as double-jointed couplings with a connection plate or a variable-length sleeve. Their compact design, the short installation times and the high performance density make these couplings a particularly efficient and economic solution.

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