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Surface Mount Technology production equipment 

IBL Technologies speeds up vapor phase soldering
with advanced batch systems at IPC APEX EXPO 2017

IBL Technologies, LLC  showcased its BLC 420 Batch Soldering Machine at the 2017 IPC APEX EXPO, in February 2017, at the San Diego Convention Center in Calif.

The BLC reflow vapor phase soldering system is perfect for medium to high volume production, batch and inline machines. The machines offer the highest quality performance with the smallest footprint. Many patented features are available and provide a wide range of flexibility, including:

§ Small footprint. §  Low power consumption.  §  Real time temperature profiling. §  Intelligent Profiling System. § Excellent solder quality. § Fast setup. § One profile for most operations

IBL Technologies offers a full line of single vapor batch and inline type reflow systems.

The VAC745 and VAC765 are premium vacuum vapor phase soldering machines designed to meet today's high-quality demands when it comes to the soldering process and product quality. The PC-controlled machine in combination with the 15" touchscreen offers network capability, unlimited program and data storage as well as simple operation. Convenient modification of program parameters, real-time recording of solder profiles, targeted data and data management are just a few benefits of the new machine controller.

The integrated IPS Intelligent Profiling System enables users to create a solder profile in just one step since the PCB temperature is used to control the process (Pilot Mode). All systems are integrated into the machine, thus there is no need for any external measurement systems.

The combination of the vapor phase soldering with a vacuum process significantly increases the reliability of the finished product. Sensitive applications (e.g. fine pitch) mostly require a flexible machine with adjustable vacuum parameters. The VAC745 and VAC765 meet and exceed those requirements with the ability to influence evacuation time, holding time of the vacuum and venting time. Additionally, the patented InVapour Technology creates a fully inert soldering and vacuum process.

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IBL Technologies celebrates 30 Years

IBL Technologies, LLC is celebrating its 30-year anniversary in 2017. IBL started in 1987 when Mr. Helmut Leicht started Ingenieurbüro Leicht as an engineering firm. The company moved beyond engineering in 1988 when IBL began manufacturing its first vapor phase soldering systems.

By 1992, IBL had developed the second generation vapor phase systems. These units would be the beginnings of the IBL machines that lead the industry today. In 1993, IBL received an award from the Bavarian government for environmental oriented developments. During the mid-90s, IBL went on to file more than 30 patents related to vapor phase technology, and in 1996 the company added its patented Soft Vapor Phase (SPV) technology to its vapor phase systems.

In 2001, IBL redefined its technology with the first vacuum vapor phase system. This was developed and patented in cooperation with the Fraunhofer Institute. IBL combined double soft vapor technology with an inline vapor phase system with Soft Vapor Temperature Control (SVTC) in 2008, and in 2009 the company began manufacturing vapor phase systems in the U.S. and redesigned its premium-line of vapor phase to the fourth generation.

The Integrated Profiling System was introduced in 2012 which is the precursor to today's new Intelligent Profiling System (IPS), and the second generation traceability-system for the premium line came out in 2013. Also in 2013, IBL acquired the U.S. vapor phase manufacturer, R&D Technical Services and expanded its technical center and manufacturing capabilities in Burnsville, MN.

Jochen Lipp, IBL's CEO stated, "With our new vapor phase generation we are stepping into a new future of reflow soldering. We are excited to present the new machine with a 15" easy-to-use touchscreen. The integrated intelligent profiling with auto convert function makes it very simple to create custom profiles in just one step. Real-time profiling built into the machine gives our customers traceability and quality control for every product!"

IBL prides itself with the development of several vapor phase soldering machines - from batch to inline -  as well as a vacuum series of systems. Today IBL has a wide customer range from all industry segments of the electronic industry and more than 2000 installed machines worldwide. The company provides the highest soldering quality, low
running costs and customer-oriented solutions. 2017 finds IBL as the leader in vapor phase technology and the company is proud to celebrate its 30th anniversary.

IBL Technologies in profile
IBL Technologies, LLC has been a leader in vapor phase technology since 1987. With ever-evolving control and manufacturing techniques, IBL has created the most versatile and precise soldering process in the world. IBL currently manufactures vapor phase reflow equipment in Germany and North America, providing an unsurpassed support network worldwide.

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