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Advantech launches full support of
Microsoft Windows 10 enabling the IoT

Advantech, a global leader in the embedded system market, are supporting the newly released Windows 10 IoT (Internet of Things). Windows 10 IoT will power a range of intelligent connected devices from smaller equipment such as gateways or mobile point-of-sale units, to industrial devices like robots and specialty medical equipment. Designed to connect through Azure IoT Services, Windows 10 IoT offers enterprise-grade security along with native connectivity for machine-to-machine and machine-to-cloud scenarios.

Connecting to Azure Cloud Services
Azure IoT Suite is an integrated offering that takes advantage of all relevant Azure capabilities to connect devices and other assets (i.e., "things"), capture the diverse and voluminous data they generate, integrate and orchestrate the flow of that data, and manage, analyze, and present it as usable information that either helps people to make better decisions or boosts intelligent automation of operations. The offering, while customizable to fit the unique needs of organizations, will also provide finished applications to speed deployment of common scenarios we see across many industries, such as remote monitoring, asset management and predictive maintenance, while providing the ability to grow and scale solutions to cover millions of "things."

Seamless sensor/gateway communications
The Internet of Things succeeds only when things are able to communicate with one another. Within proprietary Windows 10 IoT networks, establishing that communication is fairly easy with AllJoyn. AllJoyn is an open source software framework and set of services that aims to enable interoperability among connected devices, regardless of the underlying proprietary technology or communications protocols. By implementing AllJoyn in Windows 10, Microsoft is joining with more than 80 alliance members to support interoperability across a variety of platforms and at scale, advancing the development and vision of IoT.

New feature highlights
Cortana - Microsoft's virtual assistant, which has been present on its phone operating system for a while now, is one of the headline features of Windows 10. Accessible directly from the desktop with either a click or a voice command, it can serve as a handy helper when you need to get things done.

Microsoft Edge
Edge is slated to become the new default web browser for Windows 10, with Internet Explorer consigned to the background to support legacy software. Edge features a host of built-in features such as a screen grab tool with touchscreen doodling abilities, a note pad, and reading mode. Cortana will also be built into the browser, so your search results will be tailored to you, plus you'll have restaurant reviews, directions and so on beamed straight to you.

Virtual desktops
A key tweak has been made to one of the most important features of Windows 10, as far as hardcore desktop users are concerned, which is virtual desktops. On previous builds the apps you had open on any desktop were shown on every desktop's taskbar, making it cluttered. Not so with Windows 10.

Task View for serious multitasking
Multitasking is one of the better executed features in Windows and now Microsoft is adding something it's calling Task View to make it even more useful. Sat on the taskbar at the bottom of the screen, task view, when launched, will display all of your currently opened apps.

Multiple desktops for power users
When you launch task view, Windows 10 will support the ability to view multiple desktops. You can switch between different desktops where multiple apps run. Using the new 'Snap Assist' UI you will also be able to grab apps from those different desktops. If it works as advertised, this could be a seriously impressive feature.

Advantech provides platform-ready and solution-ready services
Advantech offers over diverse platforms with Windows 10 IoT pre-installed, including boards, systems, and gateways. And Advantech WISE-PaaS Platform as a Service fully supports Windows 10 IoT with Core, Mobile, and Industry versions through Universal Windows Apps structure to offer Cloud Services. By adopting it, developers can rapidly build and deploy applications with greater speed, flexibility, and agility. It enables developers to easily and effectively construct IoT cloud solutions.

For further information, view website:

Embedded IoT Gateway with Intel Quark SoC x 1000

Advantech, offer its UBC-221 IoT Gateway. UBC-221 IoT gateway solution, powered by the Intel Quark SoC x1000 processor and designed as a compact size, high capability, multi-connectivity gateway. UBC-221 is suitable for IoT or automation control applications such as smart city parking, security and surveillance as well as industrial control. 

Small and multi-connectivity for IoT requirements
Powered by the Intel Quark SoC x1000 processor, UBC-221 is optimized specifically for IoT development. Features include: 1 x UART, 2 x GPI, 2 x GPO, 2 x 10/100 Ethernet (one supports Power Over Ethernet (PoE)), 1 x USB, 1 x MiniPCIe, 1 x SD and 1 x 12V DC input. UBC-221 also supports wireless connection such as Wi-Fi, 3G/4G, Bluetooth, and ZigBee through onboard MiniPCIe expansion. Designed with abundant I/O, UBC-221 acts as a communication bridge connecting sensors and passing raw data through the network to the cloud server for further processing. UBC-221 is fanless and low power with a maximum power consumption of under 2.8 W. For mounting flexibility, UBC-221 supports VESA, DIN rail and wall mounting, making it easy to deploy multiple IoT gateway devices.

Yocto Linux OS and WISE-Cloud IoT software support
Advantech provides a standard Yocto Linux board support package (BSP) and pre-packaged image to help software developers create custom software for UBC-221, or to evaluate and test their application before release. In addition, Intel Quark supports a web server package that developers can use to build a web server so users can remotely access UBC-221 through a web browser. For user who wants to have advanced remote access features, UBC-221 comes bundled with Advantech's WISE-Cloud service software. With WISE-Cloud's intuitive interface, users can monitor and manage large numbers of devices anytime and anywhere. 

2.5 SBC with Intel Quark SoC x1000 is also available
For customers with existing system designs, Advantech also offers RSB-3850--an Intel Quark SoC x1000 2.5" SBC with identical I/O functions. Following the standard Pico-ITX form factor, RSB-3850 can easily integrate additional system peripherals and fit it into any type of chassis design.

Intel Quark SoC x1000 400MHz processor. § Onboard DDR3 512MB memory and 4MB SPI flash. § Supports 1 x USB 2.0, 1 x PCIe, 2 x 10/100 LAN (one LAN supports PoE class 3). § Supports 2 x GPI, 2 x GPO, 1 x 4-wire UART. § Low-power and fanless design. § Yocto Linux BSP support (kernel v3.8.7). § Advantech WISE-Cloud service.

Advantech in profile
Advantech Co., Ltd. - Industrial Automation Group - Founded in 1983, the Industrial Automation Group has grown into a global business organization with more than 30 branch offices in 17 countries, and a worldwide partner network comprised of leading Automation corporations. As a pioneer in open Automation technology, Industrial Automation Group is proud of its efforts as global stewards; providing vertical-focused products, solutions and value-added services for a wide array of sectors, including; Building Automation, Machine Automation, Power & Energy, and Intelligent Transportation Systems.

About Embedded Core Service
Advantech Embedded Core Services offers design-in oriented services. These streamlined solutions broadly integrate embedded boards, peripheral modules and software. This dedicated focus on Embedded Design-in services fulfills electronic engineering demands at their design-in phase, and brings benefits that shorten the design and integration cycle, minimizing uncertainty and risk.

For further information, view website:

For further information, view website: or e-mail: niki.andreadaki@advantech.n

Advantech 3.5" embedded SBC MIO-5251 with flexible
expansions utilizing Intel Quad Core Celeron J190

Advantech, have released their MIO-5251. Utilizing  Intel's latest quad core Celeron J1900 2.0GHz processor, with even the same CPU performance as 3rd generation Core i3, MIO-5251 is positioned best choice between previous generation Atom and Core i platforms. More than a standard SBC, Advantech MIO-5251 in a 3.5" MI/O Extension (146 x 102 mm) form factor offers wide temperature operation from -40 to 85 °C in fanless design, flexible display interface combinations(HDMI/DP, LVDS, VGA, eDP), rich serial interfaces of up to 2 x RS-232 and 2 x RS-232/422/485, with two full-size mini PCIe slots, and a MIOe expansion slot for flexible deployment that helps you reach vertical market faster.

Quad Core performance with low profile fanless heatsink
Intel quad core Celeron J1900 CPU's performance is even the same as the 3rd generation core i i3-3217UE. MIO-5251 uses a very low profile fanless heatsink that the total height including heatsink is 27.4mm only. Additionally, Advantech offers a heat spreader solution (2mm thinner than a regular heatsink) that contributes more compact chassis designs with better thermal dissipation. To meet different power input type requirements, MIO-5251 support a 2x2 pin ATX power connector or DC/Jack as rear I/O. If 12-24V or 9-36V wide range power input is needed, Advantech's MIOe-PWR1/ MIOe-PWR2 power module with 2-pin Phoenix power connector can be optionally ordered.

Flexible display combination
MIO-5251's graphic performance is around 6~9 times than the previous generation of Atom with more complete graphic driver support on Win7. Advantech MIO-5251 has the most display combinations within a 3.5" small form factor: VGA, HDMI and dual channel 24-bit LVDS. Furthermore, dual channel LVDS can be switched to optional eDP that allows it to convert to DP via a cable. HDMI shares the same connector with DP to provide additional flexible rear I/O LCD panel choices. And if even these are not enough, the MIOe expansion slot can provide a 2nd LVDS/DP via Advantech's MIOe-230 display module.

Rich expansion for vertical application
MIO-5251 adds two full-size Mini PCIe slots, one with PCIe and USB interfaces plus a SIM holder, and another with SATA and USB interfaces. They can be used to expand more I/O connectivity like 2-ch CANBus, parallel LPT, 1 or 2-port high speed serial, TTL, GbE, 2-ch SATA III, and 2-port USB 3.0 by miniPCIe modules. Also wireless WiFi, Bluetooth, and cellular connection and GPS Mini PCIe module expansion possibilities. More I/O interfaces can be supported from MIOe modules such as MIOe-210: 6-port COM, MIOe-220: 3-port GbE, MIOe-230: dual-ch 24-bit LVDS or DP, there are some more vertical MIOe modules like: MIOe-3680 2-port CANBus, MIOe-3674 4-port PoE, and MIOe-3810 multiple I/O (16-ch AI, 2-ch AO, 24-ch TTL DIO, 2-ch counter). Moreover, the MIOe expansion slot reserves PCIe, 3x USB2.0, DP, SMBus, LPC, audio and power for customized MIOe modules to keep your own know-how and advantage.

Real industrial PC grade's design and service
Advantech has been focused on the IPC industry for over 30 years, we provide total solutions, one-stop shopping, complete technical, before/after-service and hardware/software add-on values. MIO-5251 supports Intel extended temperature series CPU E3845 and E3825, and has been designed for wide temperature operation of -40 to 85 °C and uses 100% solid capacitors, TG-170 PCB with high temperature durability, and long delamination durability. It uses industrial-grade power circuit design, strict power quality/signal intensity/environment verification, and 100% thermal shock sorting to ensure stability under any severe circumstances.

Advantech iManager & SUSIAccess provide manageability and security
MIO-5251 has iManager embedded; this intelligent, self-management, cross platform firmware monitors system status for problems and takes action if anything is abnormal. Additionally, MIO-5251 includes Advantech's remote management software SUSIAccess, which builds intelligent management functions into embedded computing applications, ensuring continuous system uptime, and reduced maintenance costs. SUSIAccess constantly monitors the health of multiple devices and sends out alarm notifications via e-mails and SMS messages if any abnormal situations occur. SUSIAccess also provides other powerful utilities such as System Recovery (powered by Acronis), System Protection (powered by McAfee) and Remote KVM, for protection against and recovery of possible system faults.

Product features and specifications:
Processor: Intel Celeron J1900 quad core 2.0GHz up to 2.42GHz/ Atom E3845 quad core 1.91GHz/ Atom E3825 dual core 1.33GHz. § Memory: DDR3L up to 8GB, 1333MHz for J1900/ 1066MHz for E3825.

VGA up to 2560x1600. § Dual-channel 24-bit LVDS up to 1920x1200 (optional eDP up to 2560x1600). § HDMI 1080P (optional DP up to 2560x1600). § Intel Gen7 graphics and media encode/decode engine. § 3D HW acceleration: DirectX11, OpenGL3.2, OpenCL1.2.

§ 2 x Intel i210 GbE controller: 9.5KB Jumbo frames (full-duplex), flow control, magic packet wake-up enable with unique MAC address. Supports Wake-on-LAN. § HD audio (Lin in, Line out, Mic in). § Rich I/O: 4x COM ports(2x RS-232 and 2x RS-232/422/485) with ESD protection: air gap ±15kV, contact ±8kV, 1x USB3.0, 4x USB2.0, 8-bit GPIO, SMBus shared with I2C. § Storage: 1x SATA II, 1x full-size mSATA shared location with optional SD card. § Expansion: 1x full-size mini PCIe, MIOe. § Power type: single 12V DC input. § OS support: Win7 32/64bit, Win8 32/64bit, WEC7, VxWorks, Linux, Android. § Software support: Advantech iManager, SUSIAccess with McAfee and Acronis. 

Power consumption:
  MIO-5251J (J1900): typical 0.62A @12V (7.44W), max. 1.16A @12V (13.92W). § MIO-5251EW (E3845): typical 0.51A @12V (6.12W), max. 0.92A @12V (11.04W). § MIO-5251E (E3825): typical 0.42A @12V (5.04W), max. 0.81A @12V (9.72W). § 3.5" SBC (146x102mm), total height 27.4mm including heatsink.

For further information, view website: or e-mail: niki.andreadaki@advantech.n

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