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Surface Mount Technology production equipment

Rugged, convex or concave contact surface? Components
with different heights?…………… Aavid Fillers bridge the gap

Proliferation of electronic devices has been accompanied by the steady shrinking of their dimensions, so engineers are constantly under pressure to design more power into a smaller space and are often faced with added complications because tolerances between the hot components and cold surfaces which can be ±20 % or greater.

Gap Filler:

All gap fillers are RoHS and REACH compliant, halogen free and free for environmentally hazardous substances; they work in an operating temperature range from -40°C to 150°C and are available in 1, 2 or 3 mm thickness. They are puncture, shear and tear resistant.

Superthermal high conductivity thermal gap filling pads use a proprietary fibre orientation technology to deliver the high conductivity of carbon fibre without sacrificing the flexibility and adhesion capabilities of a polymer. Thermal conductivity ranges from 7.2 to 13.2 W/mK. They are ideal for CPUs, GPUs and high density LEDs.

SoftFlex series is the most flexible and diverse line of thermal conductive pads. The compressibility and adhesion features enable a dramatic reduction in thermal resistance with mounting, providing exceptional contouring and excellent cushioning performance thus reducing overall stress to the PCB and eliminating tolerances having a breakdown voltage ≥10 (kVAC).

Waveblocker has a high electromagnetic wave permeability allowing it to absorb EM wave interference. Its EM absorbing capacity ranges from 10MHz to several GHz. Due to this unique feature, Aavid WaveBlocker pads are ideal for negating problems associated with the noise of EM waves and heat radiation.

Aavid in profile
With 50 years of product development, engineering innovation and manufacturing expertise, Aavid Thermalloy is the thermal management provider chosen by today's leading technology companies who want to profit from Aavid's unique capability to supply a full range of advanced thermal technologies, all supported by local design centres, global manufacturing facilities and professional sales support. Aavid provides the industry's broadest product offering, ranging from the smallest board level cooling solution to several thousand kilowatt industrial applications. Aavid's products are used in a wide variety of applications from personal computers to servers, broadcasting, instrumentation, medical devices, UPS, transportation, industrial applications, renewable energy to name but a few.

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