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IM Torneria increases precision and
speed with new CNC programming software

IM Torneria, a company based in Zola Pedrosa, in the province of Bologna, Italy, has been operating in the manufacturing and contract machining sector since 1981. It produces automotive and transmission components, industrial pipes and fittings and pneumatic pruning systems for the arborculture industry.

Image 1: Some of the various components produced by IM Torneria.

In 2003, IM Torneria increased its production capacity by opening a new facility, considerably expanding production capacity. At the same time, the company also decided that it was no longer feasible to continue programming by hand. The most financially rewarding projects were inevitably those involving the most complicated components and the current programming methods were not up to the task. After reviewing at least four other computer-aided-manufacturing (CAM) programs, the company acquired ESPRIT CAM software to meet the programming requirements of a Citizen M32 sliding-head lathe.

Image 2: An IM Torneria employee operates the company's Citizen M32 lathe.   

"When we were reviewing ESPRIT, I was impressed by the ease with which I was able to create automatic cycles including the use of macros using VB," said Andrea Monduzzi, IM Torneria's production manager. "ESPRIT saves time when creating machine programs for our Citizen M32, offering a programming environment very similar to the machine controllers. With ESPRIT we can successfully program very complicated parts on our M32. Parts that would have been difficult to produce before are easily managed now. " The increased efficiency has also extended the life of the company's tools.

Image 3: A Citizen M32 sliding-head lathe.

"ESPRIT is also used to program a Nakamura-Tome Super NTJ multitasking CNC multi-axis turning center,"
continued Monduzzi.  This multitasking machine is used by IM Torneria to produce a component for a power-assisted pruning system.

Image 4: An employee operates IM Torneria's Nakamura-Tome Super NTJ multitasking CNC multi-axis turning center, which is also programmed using ESPRIT. 

IM Torneria's typical work flow, after receiving the customer's CAD file, involves programming the CNC machine with ESPRIT and managing the work flow for tooling and the machine tools used in production. "ESPRIT has an open architecture, so I can use macros to customize the software to fully automate many aspects of the programming process," says Monduzzi. 

As hoped, the company's improved capabilities has meant increased business. "Word of mouth has been spreading and more companies now rely on us to produce their complex parts," said Monduzzi.  "Today we work with international companies, including Campagnola (pneumatic and electronic systems for pruning vineyards and olive groves), WAY (automation systems for windows, skylights - shutters - blinds) and Marposs (measurement systems)."

Image 5: IM Torneria has enjoyed significant time savings by using ESPRIT to create machine programs.

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