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Surface Mount Technology production equipment

ECD product line enhancements underscore continuous
improvement philosophy. Shown at IPC APEX Expo 2017

ECD has announced a series of upgrades and enhancements for its line of award-winning electronics manufacturing technologies, including new features for its SmartDRYâ„¢ Intelligent Dry Storage systems, M.O.L.E.® thermal profilers and OvenRIDER® NL2+ oven verification tool. All of these newly-upgraded products were displayed at the IPC APEX Expo.

"Continuous improvement and fast response to changing customer requirements are mindsets at the heart of our organization," says Todd Clifton, ECD President and CEO, who has been instrumental in driving new technology development at the company.  "Not only has our team been exceptionally successful in recognizing and filling gaps in available market solutions - as in the development of our SmartDRY dry cabinets - but we also appreciate that constant adaptation is essential.  Our latest round of product enhancements is further proof of our commitment to unmatched customer satisfaction and competitiveness."

Though comparatively new to the market, ECD's SmartDRY Intelligent Dry Storage system has made its mark on the electronics manufacturing industry, with the product line exceeding sales expectations by more than three times the initial projection. SmartDRY's unique features, Industry 4.0 readiness and outstanding performance have only left assembly specialists wanting more and ECD has answered. The latest addition to the SmartDRY portfolio is a series of multiple fixed and pull-out shelving options that enable easier storage of and access to parts, either packaged individually, in bins and/or on reels and feeders.

ECD's popular reflow oven verification system, OvenRIDER, has also undergone a renovation this year. Well-known for its superiority over conventional "golden board" approaches to process verification, OvenRIDER authenticates true oven performance as opposed to board conditions.  The new OvenRIDER, known as OvenRIDER NL2+, has a long list of improvements over its predecessor, including:  a higher temperature-rated pallet material of 280°C continuous, 300°C maximum for a longer pallet life; better optical sensor board detection; new sensor guards for reduction of inadvertent handling-related sensor damage; and, exchangeable process sensors for custom thermal sensors.  All of these enhancements combine to deliver a higher-performance, more user-friendly solution.

On the software front, ECD has added an easy-to-use, recipe generation program to its M.O.L.E. MAP software.  Recipe Generator provides simple drop down menus for three inputs:  reflow oven make and model, solder paste type and component density/board thickness.  Once these fields are populated, the system provides and initial, in-spec recipe to be used as a starting point for the reflow process.  Available for use with V-M.O.L.E.®, SuperM.O.L.E.® Gold 2 and MegaM.O.L.E.® 20 thermal profilers, Recipe Generator is Windows 10 compatible and can be downloaded for free with the M.A.P. 3.20b software version.

"We pride ourselves on making meaningful improvements to our products - features that deliver real value and obvious benefits for our customers," concludes Clifton.  "APEX show delegates are invited to visit ECD, spend time with our technical team and learn more about our latest endeavors and their positive impact on production results."

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