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EMKA AGENT E wireless swinghandle gets added RFID swipe card security

Central network wireless control, coupled with RFID transponder swipe card technology, adds higher levels of security to EMKA's program 3000 AGENT E battery powered electronically controlled swinghandles for data cabinet protection. These standalone swinghandles can be used wirelessly, on their own, or networked in groups controlled via an RJ45 linked ProxLock module supplemented by personal RFID transponder card identification for duel level control.

The AGENT E handle therefore forms a flexible security module within an expandable network, usable on otherwise vulnerable data or control cabinets. Typically this may include server cabinets or machine controls where unauthorised access is likely to put personnel, machine or information safety at risk from tampering, vandalism/sabotage, data theft or simple inappropriate usage.

AGENT E Card readers work on 125 kHz or 13.56 MHz and each handle is equipped with a covert USB connection for emergency power/opening and memory log download on standalone versions. Handles retain their finger touch release on network "master" and "slave" units, along with green and red LED indicators which identify the operating window.

Naturally the AGENT E swinghandles are compatible with other EMKA door closure equipment such as cams and rod controls for multi-point locking. Door contact sensors may be linked to all versions.

The EMKA GROUP in profile
The EMKA GROUP is the world leader for locking systems, hinges and sealings, which are used in cabinets and control cabinets for electronics and electrical engineering. In the areas air conditioning technology and transport, EMKA is one of the leading manufacturers of locking technology.

The product range comprises 15,000 articles that are developed, manufactured, processed and assembled at nine production sites in Germany, France, England, Spain, Bosnia, USA and China. The company has 1,400 employees in 46 countries worldwide.

EMKA is an expert in the casting of stainless steel, spraying of aluminium, zinc and high-performance plastics as well as in the extrusion of rubber and plastic profile. Punching, bending, turning, milling, friction welding, surface coating or powder coating as well as the final assembly of the modular product program ensure a unique vertical integration. An experienced team of designers, developers and engineers is available at EMKA for the realization of individual customer solutions. The company sets standards in quality, depth of production and delivery performance.

For further information on EMKA products and services view website: where it is also possible to download their 3D CAD files and any part or the entire EMKA product catalogue.

Find the latest information and news on the EMKA blog: or follow them on twitter: 
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