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Surface Mount Technology production equipment

Techcon microprocessor-controlled
dispensing systems, and precision valves

The TS9300HM Series features patented diaphragm technology and is easy-to-use and clean. A single replaceable diaphragm eliminates dynamic fluid seals common in all other jets. Only the nozzle plate and diaphragm are in contact with the fluid. The jetting mechanism is isolated from the fluid to ensure contamination-free operation.

The TS9300HM syringe heater features a unique disposable feed tube to minimize cleaning and enable quick syringe exchange. A thermal jacket designed around the feed tube help eliminate the need to clean residual PUR between the syringe and the jet.

The TS930 is the companion controller with the TS9300HM Hot Melt Jet valve. It offers precise fluid management and standalone or remote control operation. The TS930's PID auto-tuned temperature controllers with RTD sensors maintain uniform temperatures up to 150°C. The dual independent temperature controllers for the jet and the syringe heater provide optimal jetting performance while keeping the PUR at reduced temperature for extended life.  Additionally, the dual trigger mode enables the valve to dispense single drops, multiple drops and lines.

TS5624 Disposable Path Material Diaphragm Valve dispenses low to medium viscosity fluids over a wide range of shot and bead sizes, down to a fraction of a micro liter. An internal spring return makes the valves fully adaptable for use with Techcon Systems controllers. A short opening stroke provides an extremely fast and positive shut-off. The seal-less valve design offers excellent moisture sensitive resistance and the incorporated diaphragm creates a barrier between the wetted parts and the air cylinder.

The TS5000DMP Series Auger Valve dispenses material with a rotary displacement action using a rotary feed screw principle. During operation, air pressure pushes the material from the syringe into the feed screw chamber. As the feed screw rotates, the material travels between the threads and out of the dispense tip. The feed screw is driven by the DC motor. The TS5000DMP Auger Valves incorporate a "Disposable Material Path" for single and plural component materials with short cure times.

The TS5540 Series Spray Valves are designed for precise spray applications of low viscosity materials. The TS5540-MS Microshot Spray Valve is designed to spray low viscosity materials through disposable dispensing tips. Spray patterns range from 0.18" to 0.60" in diameter.

The TSR2000 Bench Top Robot Series is ideal for a wide range of fluid dispensing applications, from inline to batch. The versatile TSR2000 dispensing platforms deliver consistent, high-performance dispensing results at an affordable price. The TSR2000 Series is ideal for the following applications: dispense dots of solder paste, form-in-place gasket, filling, potting, encapsulation, bonding, coating and many more. Three models are available (TSR2201, TSR2301 and TSR2401) to accommodate a wide range of working envelopes.

Techcon Systems' also offer its 700 Series Syringe, TE, TT, M Series Needles, along with a range of cartridges and nozzles. Additionally, a wide array of fluid dispensing components ranging from disposable accessories to complete digital controlled dispensing systems and precision valves for automation, are available.

For further information, view website:

Techcon Systems custom filling service

Techcon Systems' new Custom Filling Service, where Techcon can fill one part or multi-component liquid materials into just about any container, bag, tube, cartridge, syringe, or bottle. As part of the Custom Filling Service, Techcon also provides accurate mixing equipment and dry plastic containers. 

The TS6500 Series cartridge mixer provides complete automatic mixing of two-component material filled in a cartridge kit. The features rich TS6500 Series accommodates all standard size cartridge kits ranging from 2.5 oz (74ml) to 20 oz. (591ml) and is immediately usable anywhere in the world with its accompanying tools, accessories and universal power supply. For further information, view website:

Techcon Systems' new Hot Melt Jet Valve

The TS9200D Jet Tech is a non-contact dispense valve capable of jetting fluid viscosities to 400,000 Cps. Jet Tech offers a fast jetting action producing hundreds of precise droplets in less than one second. The main feature of the valve is a single, easily replaceable diaphragm to eliminate dynamic fluid seals found in other jet valves. No longer is it necessary to disassemble, clean and replace worn seals, which translates into saving time and money. The diaphragm also allows fast cycle rates because of its very small mass. There is no large sliding valve stem that slows down the process. With this novel diaphragm design, the energy needed to eject a drop can be adjusted providing a wider process window.

Techcon Systems to exhibit at Bondexpo,
October the 10
th -13th, in Stuttgart, Germany

Techcon Systems, will exhibit in hall 9, booth 9606 at the Bondexpo, scheduled to take place October the 10th -13th, 2016 in Stuttgart, Germany. The company will showcase its new Custom Filling Service at the show.

With the Custom Filling Service, Techcon offers repackaging services, which are customized and designed to meet the requirements of the individual dispensing application. Techcon can fill one part or multi-component liquid to pasty materials into just about any container, bag, tube, cartridge, syringe or bottle. As part of the Custom Filling Service, Techcon also provides accurate mixing equipment and dry plastic containers.

Company representatives also will showcase consumable plastic containers, including cartridges, syringes, Techkits, squeeze bottles and clever barrier bags.  Techcon's German-based repackaging partner, Lohnpack, will be at the show right next to the Techcon booth. In addition, three of the company's distributors, including APM Technica, Globaco and AAT Aston, will be exhibiting and available to answer questions.

Techcon Systems in profile
Techcon Systems was established in 1961 to service industrial manufacturing markets and has continued to be a leader in fluid dispensing systems and products. In 1996, OK International acquired Techcon Systems, providing a strong global sales channel, with direct subsidiaries in the UK. Today, Techcon represents OK International's Industrial Product Division. Currently focusing on fluid dispensing systems, Techcon's components are used in medical, automotive, telecommunications, aerospace, and industrial applications worldwide, helping to improve manufacturing processes and increase the customers' bottom lines. Techcon offers an array of fluid dispensing products and provides dispensing components ranging from disposable accessories to complete microprocessor-controlled dispensing systems, and precision valves.

For further information, view website:   

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