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BIOTRONIK's new insertable Cardiac
Monitor now available in the UK & Ireland

The company that Revolutionised Aftercare of Heart Patients with its Home Monitoring Technology, Launch BioMonitor 2: Easy to Insert, Accurate Arrhythmia Detection and Reliable Daily Transmission.

BIOTRONIK, a leader in cardio- and endovascular medical technology has announced that its BioMonitor 2 heart monitor is now available for patients in the UK. The unique insertable device allows highly accurate and reliable continuous detection of cardiac electrical events.

The insertable cardiac monitor is indicated for patients suffering from unexplained syncope, and to detect atrial fibrillation (AF). Diagnosing the irregular heartbeat condition AF is notoriously difficult. As is finding the root cause of syncope--a condition where the patient passes out due to decreased blood flow to the brain. If left untreated, both can be life threatening.

In response, BioMonitor 2 can be inserted under the skin of the patient in a simple procedure. It then records all cardiac electrical events. Data from the device is transmitted directly to the physician via BIOTRONIK Home Monitoring®, where they are given an accurate map of the heart's activity right on their computer screen.

"AF is often so sporadic and unpredictable that it is sometimes impossible to diagnose at the time the patient has symptoms," commented Dr. Riyaz Kaba from Ashford and St Peter's Hospitals, Surrey, and St George's Hospital, London. "It is similar with syncope. The patient can hardly choose to faint when they are hooked up to an ECG just so we can find out what's causing it. But, because BioMonitor 2 is always on and always recording, we can see exactly what's going on with their cardiac rhythm in these precise moments. It's really unprecedented and the accuracy of the readings has exceeded our expectations. We get a clear picture very early on, meaning necessary treatment can begin earlier."

As well as its diagnostic benefits, the device has been designed with the patient anatomy in mind. "The insertion procedure is easy for both doctor and patient. It only takes a few minutes," explained Dr. Kaba. "The monitor adapts to the patient's anatomy, and they're satisfied with the overall cosmetic result."

BioMonitor 2 also has BIOTRONIK ProMRI technology and is approved for full-body MRI scans at both the usual 1.5 and ultra-high 3.0 tesla strength. Its average battery life is four years, topping the industry standard by a year.

About BIOTRONIK Home Monitoring
BIOTRONIK Home Monitoring transmits patient heart data automatically on a daily basis, thereby rapidly detecting deterioration in a patient's clinical status. Early detection of clinically relevant events, in particular paroxysmal and asymptomatic arrhythmias such as atrial fibrillation, enables the physician to adapt patient therapy at a very early stage.

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